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London Underground Child Fares – Tube Ticket Prices 2024

TFL child fares on the London Underground 2024
Fare zone Cash Oyster cards Travelcard (Train, Bus & Tram)
Single fare Single fare Daily cap One day travelcard Week travel­card Month travel­card Year travel­card
Peak Off-peak Peak Off-peak Anytime Off-peak
Children aged under-11 and accompanied by a fare-paying adult, or with a child’s 5-10 Zip Oyster photocard
All zones free
Children aged 11-15 with a Young Visitor Discount applied to their Oyster card
All zones n/a Half of the adult tube fare n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Children aged 11-15 with a child’s 11-15 Zip Oyster photocard
Zone 1 fare £3.30 £0.95 £0.85 £4.25 £1.80 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Zone 1-2 fare £3.30 £0.95 £0.85 £4.25 £1.80 n/a n/a £21.40 £82.20 £856
Zone 1-3 fare £3.30 £0.95 £0.85 £5 £1.80 n/a n/a £25.10 £96.40 £1004
Zone 1-4 fare £3.30 £0.95 £0.85 £6.15 £1.80 £7.90 n/a £30.70 £117.90 £1228
Zone 1-5 fare £3.30 £0.95 £0.85 £7.30 £1.80 n/a n/a £36.50 £140.20 £1460
Zone 1-6 fare £3.30 £0.95* £0.85* £7.80 £1.80 £11.30 £7.90 £39 £149.80 £1560
Zone 1-7 fare £4.10 £1.30 £1.30 £8.50 £1.80 n/a n/a £42.50 £163.20 £1700
Zone 1-8 fare £4.70 £1.85 £1.30 £10.05 £1.80 n/a n/a £50.20 £192.80 £2008
Zone 1-9 fare £4.90 £1.85 £1.30 £11.15 £1.80 £14.20 £8.50 £55.70 £213.90 £2228
Zone 2 fare £3.30 £0.95 £0.85 £4.25 £1.80 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Zone 2-3 fare £3.30 £0.95 £0.85 £5 £1.80 n/a n/a £16 £61.50 £640
Zone 2-4 fare £3.30 £0.95 £0.85 £6.15 £1.80 n/a n/a £17.80 £68.40 £712
Zone 2-5 fare £3.30 £0.95 £0.85 £7.30 £1.80 n/a n/a £21.30 £81.80 £852
Zone 2-6 fare £3.30 £0.95 £0.85 £7.80 £1.80 n/a n/a £26.70 £102.60 £1068
Zone 2-7 fare £3.30 £0.95 £0.85 £8.50 £1.80 n/a n/a £27.70 £106.40 £1108
Zone 2-8 fare £4.10 £1.30 £1.30 £10.05 £1.80 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Zone 2-9 fare £4.10 £1.30 £1.30 £11.15 £1.80 n/a n/a £37.70 £144.80 £1508
Zone 3 fare £3.30 £0.95 £0.85 £5 £1.80 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Zone 3-4 fare £3.30 £0.95 £0.85 £6.15 £1.80 n/a n/a £16 £61.50 £640
Zone 3-5 fare £3.30 £0.95 £0.85 £7.30 £1.80 n/a n/a £17.80 £68.40 £712
Zone 3-6 fare £3.30 £0.95 £0.85 £7.80 £1.80 n/a n/a £21.30 £81.80 £852
Zone 3-7 fare £3.30 £0.95 £0.85 £8.50 £1.80 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Zone 3-8 fare £3.30 £0.95 £0.85 £10.05 £1.80 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Zone 3-9 fare £3.30 £0.95 £0.85 £11.15 £1.80 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Zone 4 fare £3.30 £0.95 £0.85 £6.15 £1.80 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Zone 4-5 fare £3.30 £0.95 £0.85 £7.30 £1.80 n/a n/a £16 £61.50 £640
Zone 4-6 fare £3.30 £0.95 £0.85 £7.80 £1.80 n/a n/a £17.80 £68.40 £712
Zone 4-7 fare £3.30 £0.95 £0.85 £8.50 £1.80 n/a n/a £20.10 £77.20 £804
Zone 4-8 fare £3.30 £0.95 £0.85 £10.05 £1.80 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Zone 4-9 fare £3.30 £0.95 £0.85 £11.15 £1.80 n/a n/a £33.80 £129.80 £1352
Zone 5 fare £3.30 £0.95 £0.85 £7.30 £1.80 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Zone 5-6 fare £3.30 £0.95 £0.85 £7.80 £1.80 n/a n/a £16 £61.50 £640
Zone 5-7 fare £3.30 £0.95 £0.85 £8.50 £1.80 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Zone 5-8 fare £3.30 £0.95 £0.85 £10.05 £1.80 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Zone 5-9 fare £3.30 £0.95 £0.85 £11.15 £1.80 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Zone 6 fare £3.30 £0.95 £0.85 £7.80 £1.80 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Zone 6-7 fare £3.30 £0.95 £0.85 £8.50 £1.80 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Zone 6-8 fare £3.30 £0.95 £0.85 £10.05 £1.80 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Zone 6-9 fare £3.30 £0.95 £0.85 £11.15 £1.80 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Zone 7 fare £3.30 £0.95 £0.85 £8.50 £1.80 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Zone 7-8 fare £3.30 £0.95 £0.85 £10.05 £1.80 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Zone 7-9 fare £3.30 £0.95 £0.85 £11.15 £1.80 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Zone 8 fare £3.30 £0.95 £0.85 £10.05 £1.80 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Zone 8-9 fare £3.30 £0.95 £0.85 £11.15 £1.80 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Children aged 16-17 with a child’s 16+ Zip Oyster photocard
Zone 1-4 travelcard Same as a child’s 11-15 fare Half of the adult tube fare £15.90 n/a Same as a child’s 11-15 fare
Zone 1-6 travelcard £22.60 £15.90
Zone 1-9 travelcard £28.50 £17
Children aged 11-17 without any kind of child discount or Zip photocard
All zones Same as the adult tube fare
* Child tube journeys between zone 1 and Heathrow are always charged at the peak rate. Elizabeth line journeys between zone 1 and Heathrow are £10.20 during off-peak hours and £12.80 during peak hours
Note: Child ticket prices are correct as of

Are children free on the London Underground?

Children aged under-11 (with an adult) – Children under the age of 11 can travel for free on the London Underground, London Overground, DLR and TFL Rail with no time restrictions, as long as they’re accompanied by a fare-paying adult (up to a maximum of four children per adult). They don’t require a tube ticket.

They might also be able to travel for free on some National Rail services (the overground trains that head outside London), but each train company has their own rules about age limits and timings, so you need to check with them first. Generally speaking under 5’s usually get free travel on the train, but only if they’re not taking up a seat required by a fare-paying passenger. Children aged between 5-15 might be charged a half-price train fare.

Children aged under-11 (without an adult) – Children aged between 5-10 travelling without any adult supervision can only travel for free if they’re carrying a 5-10 Zip Oyster photocard. (Tourists might wonder why 5-10 year-olds are allowed to travel unaccompanied on the tube, but it’s not unusual to see primary school children go a few stops on the Underground.)

How do children get through the ticket barrier?

A child under the age of 11 doesn’t need a ticket when they’re travelling with an adult, so lots of people wonder how they’re going to get their children through the barrier.

All you have to do is look for the extra-wide gate that’s always provided for wheelchair users and people carrying bulky bags. If you use that gate then there will be plenty of space to walk your child through by your side.

If your child doesn’t get through in time then just find a member of TFL staff behind the gate who will use their own TFL pass to swipe them through. (Bear in mind that they might ask for proof of age if your child looks over 11.)

Do children get cheap fares on the tube?

Children aged between 11-15 – Children aged between 11-15 can pay a child rate on single fares and child travelcards if they have an 11-15 Zip Oyster photocard. They also get a cheaper child price on single fares if the Young Visitor Discount has been applied to their Oyster card.

We always recommend that people use the Young Visitor Discount if they’re staying in London for less than two weeks, because the children’s photocards cost money, which will almost certainly wipe out any savings you’ll make.

Children aged between 16-17 – Children aged between 16-17 can pay child rates on single fares and travelcards with a 16+ Zip Oyster photocard.

What is the Young Visitor Discount?

Oyster and Visitor Oyster card

If you have a child aged between 11-15 and are staying in London for less than two weeks then you should forget about buying a Zip Oyster photocard – you’re much better off taking advantage of the Young Visitor Discount which entitiles them to half-price fares on the London Underground for a maximum of fourteen consecutive days.

All you have to do is buy your child a regular London Oyster card or Oyster card for visitors (but not a travelcard), load some credit onto it, and then ask a member of TFL staff to apply the ‘Young Visitor Discount’ to it. You can usually find one standing behind the ticket barriers in the ticket hall. Unfortunately it’s not possible to do this online beforehand – you can only do it in person once you arrive in London.

You can do it at a London Underground station, a National Rail station (within London) or one of the Visitor Centres at Heathrow airport, Euston station, King’s Cross, Liverpool Street, Paddington, Piccadilly Circus or Victoria. (Note: You won’t find any manned ticket windows in London Underground stations anymore, because they’ve all been phased out. The only place they have windows these days are National Rail stations.)

Be aware that your child must be with you when you do it (up to a maximum of four children per adult), and the staff member might ask for proof of age if they look over 15 – so make sure you’ve got their passport handy, or some other form of age-related ID.

Your child can then carry on using the card exactly like a normal Oyster card – tapping it down on the same yellow readers that adults do – and the computer will automatically charge them the Oyster card child rate. Once the fourteen days are over any remaining credit will still be on the card, but the computer will revert back to charging adult tube fares again.

Can a child use contactless on the train?

There are no contactless fares for children. If your child is lucky enough to own a bank card then they can use it, but the computer will just charge them a normal adult tube fare instead. That’s because the chips on bank cards don’t carry any information about your age, so the computer has no way of knowing they’re a child.

What is a Zip Oyster photocard?

Zip Oyster photocards

5-10 Zip Oyster photocard – Kids under the age of 11 already get free tube travel if they’re accompanied by a fare-paying adult, but if they need to travel alone then they’ll have to get hold of a 5-10 Zip Oyster photocard beforehand.

5-10 Zip Oyster photocards cost £10 each, and expire the day before your child’s 11th birthday.

11-15 Zip Oyster photocard – Kids over the age of 10 years 11 months, and under the age of 16 on the 31st August, can get themselves an 11-15 Zip Oyster photocard for £15 and benefit from cheap tube fares and child rate travelcards.

If your child is currently 16 but was aged 15 on the 31st August just gone, then they can still get one because it doesn’t actually expire until the 30th September in the year following your child’s 16th birthday.

16+ Zip Oyster photocard – 16-17 year-olds can get cheap London Underground fares and child rate travelcards with a 16+ Zip Oyster photocard.

16+ Zip Oyster photocards cost £20 and expire on the 30th September in the year following your child’s 18th birthday.

Where can you get a Zip Oyster photocard?

There’s only one way to get a Zip Oyster photocard – the child’s parent or guardian has to order it from the TFL website.

The adult will have to set up an account in their own name, and then verify the child’s age using the details printed on a machine-readable passport. If they don’t have the child’s passport available then they’ll have to print off a form and take it to their local Post Office instead. They will also need to upload a digital colour photo.

If you want the photocard posted to a UK address then allow for four weeks delivery. You can also pick it up from one of the Visitor Centres at Heathrow, Euston, King’s Cross, Liverpool Street, Paddington, Piccadilly Circus or Victoria when you arrive in London.

How do you top-up a Zip Oyster photocard?

To top-up a Zip Oyster photocard the parent or guardian has to log into their TFL account (which they would have created when they bought the card).

They can also switch on the handy ‘auto top-up’ feature by selecting ‘Add an existing card’, and then entering the 12-digit number printed on the back of the child’s photocard. This will automatically draw another £20 or £40 from the adult’s bank account every time the child’s credit drops below £20.

Note: If the child is under the age of 11 then they’ll be entitled to free tube travel, so there’s no need to put any credit on it.

Is it worth getting a Zip Oyster photocard?

We don’t recommend child photocards for foreign tourists on a short stay because they cost too much money – the purchase fee of £10 to £20 will probably wipe out all the savings you’d make. It’s also a hassle having to order it online and then picking it up once you arrive in London.

Tourists are much better off buying an Oyster card instead, and then paying for child tube tickets with a Young Visitor Discount attached to it.

Can a child use a passport as proof-of-age?

Having to stump up £10 to £20 puts a lot of people off buying a Zip Oyster photocard, and they wonder whether they can just prove their child’s age with a passport instead. It’s a nice idea, but unfortunately it’s not allowed. The only way of getting a cheap child fare on the London Underground is with a Zip Oyster photocard.

How do you use a Zip Oyster photocard on the train?

Oyster card reader at a train station
Touch the child’s photocard against the round yellow reader

Using a child’s Zip Oyster photocard on the train is really no different to an adult using a regular Oyster card. All you have to do is load it up with some credit beforehand, and then they child taps them down on the same yellow readers that adults do. The computer will then deduct the correct fare and open the gate.

Note: There’s no need to do load it up with credit if your child is under-11, because they get free tube travel – but they still need to tap it down, because that’s the only way of opening the gate.

What is a 16-25 Railcard?

16-25 Railcard

A 16-25 Railcard (also known as a 16-25 Young Persons Railcard or Student Railcard), entitles you to ⅓-off train fares if you’re planning on using some National Rail trains to places outside of London. Given how expensive train tickets are these days it will probably pay for itself after three or four journeys.

Make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully though, because it doesn’t apply to all journeys on the London Underground. If you’re travelling on the tube then all you really get are cheap tickets for off-peak single fares on Oyster, a discount off the Oyster daily price cap, and some money knocked-off the cost of a zone 1-9 one day travelcard when bought together with a National Rail ticket outside of London.

You might also find that you’re subject to a hefty minimum fare when travelling between 4.30 AM and 10 AM on Monday to Friday, which will probably render it useless for daily commutes on London transport.

If you’re interested then check out their website at

Your comments and questions

Karl Can anyone please advise me if under11s travel for free on the tube as I keep getting different info?

Staff Under 11s can travel for free if they are accompanied by an adult, or they have a 5-10 Zip Oystercard. [Note: If your child looks older than 10 then they will need a 5 -10 Zip Oyster photocard. If they don't have a card and a staff member thinks he's over 10, then he's entitled to make you pay.]

Annie Hi. I'll be in London for 3 days with my 12 year old. I have an Oyster card but don't have time to get her a 11-15 Oyster card before I travel. I can always get her paper one day tickets but as she's not particularly big could I get away with her travelling on my Oyster card as an 11 year old? When tickets are checked do the inspectors ask for proof of age?

Staff Kids have to be 10 or under to travel for free on the tube (and accompanied by an adult). So even if she was 11 she would still have to pay. But what you are asking to do is fare evasion - a criminal offence - and you could get in trouble.

Tony Casey Hi, I understand that children under 11 years travel free on the tube. I will be using a contactless card but what does my child aged 10 yrs need to get through the barriers? Thanks

Staff As long as he's travelling with an adult then he doesn't need anything at all. Most people use the extra wide gate for buggies so their kids have enough time to squeeze through alongside them, but you can always ask the member of staff who stands by the gates to let him through. If you get an unlucky member of staff who decides your kid looks over 10 then they might ask for proof of age.

Danielle We're travelling with 2 kids (9 and 7). As I read, the kids don't need an Oyster card and can travel for free. How does that work for them? I recall that the tube turnstiles are opening pretty fast? Is it easy and practical for our family? Thank you,

Staff Hi Danielle. They always have an extra wide gate for wheelchair users and people with suitcases and buggies, so just use that one. Then your kids will have enough time to get through with you. If they get stuck behind then just ask a member of staff to tap them through (but they might ask for proof of age if they look older than 10).

Becky Hi. I just realised I am too late to order my Visitor Oyster cards for myself, husband & son. I realise that I could just get normal PAYG Oyster cards when I get to London. The only thing is will I still get free travel for my 10 year old daughter? Appreciate any help

Staff Hi Becky. 10 year olds always travel for free anyway (as long as they're accompanied by an adult) - they don't need an Oyster card. The only exception is when they look older than 10, in which case the staff may stop you and ask for proof of age. If you're worried about that happening then you can always just take their passport along.

Becky Thanks for your brilliantly fast response

Thear If I plan on buying 4 Visitor Oyster Cards and putting the Young Visitor discount on 2 of them, should I apply the 50% discount when I order the cards? (Ex: 2 cards at £40 and 2 cards at £20 instead of 4 cards at £40)

Staff Hi Thear. You can't actually apply the discount yourself, or do it online, you have to ask a member of staff at the station to do it. But yes, you could put half the amount of credit onto it if you wish. You can always top them up again later if the credit runs out.

Jim Davison Visiting London with my wife and 12 yr old son and we intend using contactless cards for travel. Can I only get half price travel for my son if one of us were to buy a Visitor Oyster card and then get it amended in tube station

Staff Hi Jim. You and your wife can still use contactless, but you'll have to buy a normal adult Oyster card for your kid (Visitor Oyster cards are the same thing), then load some money onto it, then find a member of staff at the tube station to put the 'Young Visitor Discount' onto it. And remember that your kid has to be present for them to do it, because they'll want to check how old he looks.

Eamon Travelling into London from Somerset at the weekend with wife and 2 children, under 10 years. Will my kids travel free if my wife and I use contactless cards to travel on underground.

Staff Hi Eamon, that's right. Under 11s travel for free (if they happen to look over 11 then there's a possibility a member of staff might ask for proof of age).

SG Hi Looking to travel with two kids under 10 and two adults with contactless cards. Never been London before so was wondering if I've got the right end of the stick: I know that the kids travel free, but how do they go through barriers if they've got no cards? (I scan mine and walk through, partner does the same - how do the kids get across if that makes sense!?!) Thanks in advance for your help.

Staff Hi SG, you just walk them through at the same time as yourself. The best thing to do is use the extra-wide gate. They always have one at the end for people with wheelchairs and buggies. If you kid is a bit slow and gets stuck behind the barrier then just ask the train staff to use their card to open the gate and let him through.

AJTB How does the contactless system determine a child rate from an adult rate?

Staff Hi ATJB. It can't, because bank cards don't have your age on the chip. If you look at the fares above then you'll see that there are no child fares for contactless cards. If you tap down with it then you'll be charged an adult fare.

Petra I would like to know,where can a child get a Photocard, which is needed to get the cheaper fare for children. We are visitors from abroad, coming to London only for a few days. Thanks a lot.

Staff Hi Petra. It's not worth getting a photocard for that short a time because you have to pay for it, which will wipe out any savings you make on the child fares. But visitors can get something called a 'Young Visitor Discount' instead (see above). Al you do is buy them a normal pay-as-you-go Oyster card and then go up to a ticket window, or member of staff in the station, and ask them to apply the 'Young Visitor Discount' to it. This will knock 50% off the fare for up to 14 days.

Jess Do I need to buy a travelcard for my 8 year old as well. I have been doing some reading and I think a weekly travelcard makes more sense for my family than the Oyster card. However, I just need to know if 1) children below 11 need a travelcard or no and 2) will my daughter who is 11 get a discount on the travelcard as is the case with the Oyster card. Thanks

Staff Hi Jess. Under 11s travel for free on the tube so they wont need a travelcard (or an Oyster card, or anything). 11 year olds do get cheaper travelcards, but only if they have an 11-15 Zip photocard. But the photocard costs money if you don't already have one, so it will actually end up costing more. I would get the 11 year old an Oyster card and then have the 50% young visitor discount added to it.

EdW If paying contactless with a child, how does the child go through barrier?

Staff Hi Edw. Just use the extra-wide gate they always have for people with buggies and wheelchairs, and walk him through at the same time as you.

Lorraine How does it work paying contact less for 4 adults and a eleven year old on one card do you buy tickets or tap card

Staff Hi Lorraine. There are no contactless fares for children, and each adult needs to use their own card to get a contactless fare. If you only have one card between you then you’ll have to use it to buy tickets at the self-service machine instead, but then you’ll be paying the cash fare -​transport/​contactless-cards.php

H D I am travelling to Edinburgh and need to take the tube with my 12 yr old son how do I get tickets for this journey

Staff If its just a one-off journey then just buy them a ticket at a self-service machine inside the station. you will be best off using your contactless card on the gate (assuming you have a UK bank card)

PATRICIA What stations can I get the young person discount applied to oyster card at I be staying near Richmond station

Staff Hi Patricia. Any station with some staff, so Richmond station is okay

Lynsay My 11 yr old & I are arriving on Saturday. I'm worried the Oyster card I ordered won't arrive in time: if I use contactless for my travel, can I buy a pay as you go Oyster for him when we arrive in London (to convert to Young Visitor Discount)? Any better suggestions? We will there 4 days, mostly zone 1. Tia

Staff Hi Lynsay. You can do. But if you ordered a Visitor Oyster Card you won't be able to get one of those in central London, only a normal blue one. But they are basically both the same anyway (the Visitor ones come with their credit already loaded on, but you have to choose your amount when you buy the blue ones). I wouldn't bother buying a travelcard for your kid, because four 1-days or a weekly one would be more expensive. All the places you can buy a blue one are described on this page:​transport/​oyster-cards.php

Christine Alice Hello I am 68 years old travelling with my 14 year old grandaughter for 6 full days in October . Planning do do a fair bit of travelling around London using public transport . Can you suggest best cost effective way to do this ?

Staff Hi Christine, assuming you dont live in London you”ll have to pay a normal adult fare. The easiest and cheapest fares for you will be with your contactless card (your normal everyday bank card) -​transport/​contactless-cards.php The cheapest fares for your granddaughter will be if you buy her an Oyster card and then get a ‘Young Visitor Discount’ applied to it. Its all explained on the page above

Rosie How much is a monthly travel for child zip card 11-15 years old for trains underground

Staff Hi Rosie. Zip cards are like Oyster cards, you load them up with as much credit as you need. So theres no price for a monthly one. Do you mean a monthly travelcard? The prices for those are in the table above. The travelcard can then be loaded onto the Zip card.

Pat Dawson I have disabled bus pass and will be traveling with my 15 year old grandson taking him home after the hoildays ge does gave a zip card but didt bring ot with him do I need to buy travel card to get him home

Staff Hi Pat. if it’s just a one-off trip then you're better off just buying him a single adult ticket from the machine at the station. A travelcard will work out more expensive but are you talking about buses or trains? - if its buses you should get him the cheaper 1-day travelcard for buses/trams -​transport/​travelcards.php

John Cossins I want to take my 11 year old grandchild with me on the underground. How do I pay her fare as well as my own?

Staff Hi John. If its a one-off journey then you can just buy her a paper ticket from the self-service machine, using your bank card or cash. If you're taking multiple journeys throughout the day then you might want to buy her an adult 1-day travelcard instead (she’d need to have an oyster photocard to get a child price)

Lee Hi i am going to be travelling with an 11yr old just visiting attractions in zones 1 and 2 in 6 days. what is the cheapest way for us both to travel on the underground in these zones. I think for me i would just tap my debit card but what do i get for my daughter? clearly no time or need for 11-15 card for 1 day trip

Staff Hi Lee. Not sure if you mean a 1 day or a 6 day stay. If it's six days then I would buy her an Oyster card and have the 'Young Visitor Discount' applied to it, which will get her 50% off the fares. We explain how to do it in the 'What is the Young Visitor Discount?' section above. If it's just 1 day then I would just buy her an adult 1-day travelcard from the machine

Rish How does 11-5 zip card work? Do I top up like oyster card for adult?

Staff Hi Rish. The adult who created the account has to top it up. Then it works the same way as an oyster card. Its all explained in the "How can you top-up a child’s photocard?" section above

Jeff Hi, my wife is taking our grandchild (12) to London for the day, she has her own Oyster card. Can I lend my card to my granddaughter with credit on, and have the Young Visitor Discount applied? then afterwards it will automatically revert back to an adult card?

Staff Hi Jeff. If there's just pay-as-you-go credit on it then yes, that's no problem, but if it already has a travelcard or another discount loaded on to it (maybe because of age or disability), then no. And bear in mind that the Young Visitor Discount won't disappear for 14 days, so you won't be able to use it again yourself until it expires, otherwise you'll be paying a child fare.

Liz Hi I’ve got a 60+ travel card but am taking my 12 year old granddaughter to London next week what is the best card for her ?

Staff Hi Liz. If it’s just one day then the easiest thing to do is to get her a one day travelcard. If it’s for longer then you might be better off getting her an oyster card and having the ‘young visitor discount’ applied to it. But it all depends on how many days you’re staying and how many trips you’re making

Maja Hello, first time in London, travelling with 4 children 11, 11, 14 and 15. We'll arrive at St-Pancras in the evening. Please, can you tell me what tickets/cards to buy and where. We'll stay for 5 days. Thank you in advance for your advice.

Staff Hi Maja. We recommend getting them an Oyster card and having the ‘Young Visitor Discount’ applied to it. We’ve explained it all on this page. You can buy them from a manned ticket window in the ticket hall (not a self-service machine). If you’re coming in on the Eurostar then they used to sell them on the train

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