London Drum

Practical Information & Advice

Some useful information for visitors to London, including important calendar dates, telephone numbers, what the weather is like, and advice about posting letters and finding some free Wi-Fi

London Pass & tourist discount cards - London Pass · Go City Pass · Merlin Pass · Turbo Pass · National Rail’s 2-for-1 offer · Historic Royal Palaces membership

Oyster card, contactless card and travelcard

Which one should you buy - Oyster, contactless or travelcard? - Advice about which is cheapest, where you can use them, and how easy they are to use

Weather, temperature & time difference - Average temperature · Average rainfall · Sunrise and sunset times · Time difference to other countries

UK bank holidays & calendar diary dates - Important diary dates · Calendar of annual events · Bank Holiday dates · School holiday dates · Religious observances

Left luggage facilities & bag storage lockers - Excess Baggage Company · Luggage Hero · Stasher · Nannybag · Safestore · Cloakrooms in tourist attractions

Telephone numbers, posting letters & free Wi-Fi spots - Emergency numbers · International telephone calls · How to use a telephone box · How to post letters and buy stamps · Poste Restante

NHS hospitals, walk-in centres & emergency numbers - Health emergency numbers · A&E departments · Emergency eye treatment · NHS walk-in centres · Health care for overseas visitors

Spending money, shop opening hours & tipping etiquette - UK and foreign currency · Using debit and credit cards · Business opening hours · Tipping etiquette · Typical prices · Popular shopping areas

Drinking in pubs, smoking age limits & avoiding crime - Pub closing times · Drinking age limit · Children in pubs · Drinking on the street · Smoking laws · Are Londoners friendly? · Avoiding crime in London

Convert measurements: weights, lengths & temperatures - Convert distances · Concert temperatures · Convert weights · Convert clothes sizes · Measurement conversion chart