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London Liverpool Street station - Train Times, Tube Fares & Stairs

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London Liverpool Street station has 18 platforms. It is in Oyster fare zone 1 and connects with the Central, Circle, Elizabeth, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan underground lines. It also serves the Stansted Express and National Rail

London Underground delays at Liverpool Street station

Next train from Liverpool Street station

Tube line closures on the Central, Circle, Elizabeth, H&C and Metropolitan line

Underground train fares from Liverpool Street

Liverpool Street station is in zone 1 (central London)

Train fares from Liverpool Street station
Fare zone Cash Oyster & Contactless cards
Single fare Single fare Daily cap
Peak Off-peak Peak Off-peak
Zone 1 fare £6.70 £2.80 £2.70 £8.50 £8.50
Zone 1-2 fare £6.70 £3.40 £2.80 £8.50 £8.50
Zone 1-3 fare £6.70 £3.70 £3 £10 £10
Zone 1-4 fare £6.70 £4.40 £3.20 £12.30 £12.30
Zone 1-5 fare £6.70 £5.10 £3.50 £14.60 £14.60
Zone 1-6 fare £6.70 £5.60* £3.60* £15.60 £15.60
Zone 1-7 fare £8.30 £6.40 £4.70 £17 £15.60
Zone 1-8 fare £9.50 £7.80 £4.70 £20.10 £15.60
Zone 1-9 fare £9.80 £7.90 £4.80 £22.30 £15.60
* Tube journeys between zone 1 and Heathrow are always charged at the peak rate. Elizabeth line journeys between zone 1 and Heathrow are £10.20 during off-peak hours and £12.80 during peak hours
Travelcard prices
Fare zone Travelcards (Train, Bus & Tram)
One day travel­card Week travel­card Month travel­card
Anytime Off-peak
Zone 1-2 travelcard n/a n/a £42.70 £164
Zone 1-4 travelcard £15.90 n/a £61.40 £235.80
Zone 1-6 travelcard £22.60 £15.90 £78 £299
Zone 1-9 travelcard £28.50 £17 £111.30 £427.40
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Note: Ticket costs and daily caps are correct as of

Peak and off-peak journey times

For Oyster and contactless off-peak is outside the hours of 6.30 AM-9.30 AM and 4 PM-7 PM (Mon-Fri). For travelcards off-peak is any time after 9.30 AM (Mon-Fri). Weekends and public holidays are always classed as off-peak. Note: Between the 8th March and 31st May 2024 TFL are running a trial called ‘Off-Peak Friday Fares’, where Fridays will be classed as off-peak all day.

The tube fare is based on what time your journey begins. It doesn’t matter what time your journey ends.

Platform stairs, lifts and escalators at Liverpool Street

The Elizabeth line at Liverpool Street tube station is wheelchair accessible, and has step-free access from the street to the train. The London Overground only has step-free access from the street to the platform, and there may be a step up or gap to the train. The Central, Circle, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan lines are not wheelchair accessible

Station entrance – The entrance on Old Broad Street to the booking hall is on the level, but you must use a lift (or 10 steps) from the Blomfield Street/Eldon Street entrance, or a lift (or an escalator and 10 steps) from the Liverpool Street northside entrance, or two flights of stairs from the Liverpool Street southside entrance (4 steps down +14 steps down), or a lift plus three flights of stairs from the Bishopsgate eastside entrance (2x16 steps down +7 steps up), or two lifts plus an escalator from the Bishopsgate westside entrance. After that you need to use another escalator from the booking hall to the Central line platforms, or one flight of stairs to the Circle/​H&C/​Metropolitan eastbound platform (3 steps down), or six flights of stairs to the Circle/​H&C/​Metropolitan westbound platform (2x7 steps up +10 steps up +10 steps down +2x8 steps down)

Station exit – You need to use an escalator from the Central line platforms to the booking hall, or one flight of stairs from the Circle/​H&C/​Metropolitan eastbound platform (3 steps up), or six flights of stairs from the Circle/​H&C/​Metropolitan westbound platform (2x8 steps down +10 steps down +10 steps up +2x7 steps up). Once you’re inside the booking hall you need to use a lift (or 10 steps) to get to the Blomfield Street/Eldon Street exit, or a lift (or an escalator and 10 steps) to the Liverpool Street northside exit, or two flights of stairs to the Liverpool Street southside exit (14 steps up +4 steps up), or a lift plus three flights of stairs to the Bishopsgate eastside exit (7 steps up +2x16 steps down), or two lifts plus an escalator to the Bishopsgate westside exit. But getting to the Old Broad Street exit is on the level.

Changing train platforms – You can use a lift or escalator when changing between the Central line and National Rail platforms, or the Central line and the H&C eastbound platform. You can use a lift when changing between the H&C eastbound and National Rail platforms. But you must use stairs for all other platform changes

Tube journey planner – Timetables, First & Last Train Times

Look up timetables and first and last train times from London Liverpool Street to Bank, Charing Cross, Earl’s Court, Euston, King’s Cross, London Bridge, Marylebone, Paddington, Victoria, Waterloo or another train station:

Other underground stations that are close to London Liverpool Street include Moorgate, Aldgate and Shoreditch tube station

Liverpool Street underground station facilities

Liverpool Street Station Central, Liverpool Street, London, EC2M 7PP
0845 330 9878
You can buy train tickets at the manned windows and self-service machines in the National Rail ticket hall, and at the self-service machines in the Underground ticket hall
Ticket office opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 5:30 AM to 12:30 AM – Saturday: 5:30 AM to 12:30 AM – Sunday: 7 AM to 12:30 AM
Cash machines:
There are ATMs at the station
Public toilets:
Baby changing room:
Public payphone:
Passport photo booth:
Vending machine:
Waiting room:
Liverpool Street also has bag storage facilities where you can leave your luggage
Onsite car park:
No – Liverpool Street station car parks
Taxi rank:
Cycle rack:
Bus routes:
8, 11, 21, 23, 25, 26, 35, 42, 43, 47, 48, 76, 78, 100, 133, 135, 141, 149, 153, 205, 214, 242, 271, 344, 388 – Adult bus tickets 2024 · OAP bus tickets 2024 · Kids bus tickets 2024

Your comments and questions

Diane Hi, does anyone know how much the luggage lockers are at liverpool street station, please

Staff The cost changes depending on how many items you're leaving, and how long you're leaving them for. See for the prices

Julie Parker Please, which bus number goes from Liverpool street station to the shard? Thank you

Staff 149 goes to London Bridge station, which is next-door to the Shard

Kathy I will need a ticket for Liverpool Street to Paddington and a return ticket as well. How and where do I get the best ticket? Regards, Kathy

Staff Hi. If you mean the cheapest, then you can use a contactless card (your everyday bank card) or an Oyster card. But you need to pay a £5 deposit to set up an Oyster card if you haven't already got one, so maybe your bank card will be best. Then you won't need a ticket at all - you just tap your card down on the gate.

Kathy Thanks a lot, I will try contactless payment.

Kathy My bank just told me it might not work. If that's the case, can I still pay in cash? Regards, Kathy

Staff Sure, you can still use cash to buy tickets at the self-service machine. But if you look at the fare table above you'll see that a cash fare is double the price of contactless, so it will be a couple of quid more

Grace Are you allowed to travel with a bike from Liverpool Street?

Staff It depends where you're going, and what time you go. If it's a folding bike then you'll be alright, but you're not allowed to carry a normal bike onto the tube during rush hour. Check out TFL's official map of where you're allowed to take your bike here: The rush hour times are listed in the bottom righthand corner

Sharon Lynne Hi, I am arriving at Liverpool Street and I need to get to Chelsea Westminster hospital. Please may someone give me the quickest directions as last time I went to the hospital I got lost on the way home and missed my train. Thank you in advance.

Staff Hi Sharon. I would get the Circle line to Tower Hill. Then change onto the District line to Wimbledon (but getting off at Fulham Broadway). Then you'll have to walk to the hospital as there's no tube station right near it, so there's no way around that unfortunately. (Note: Make sure you don't get on the District line to Richmond, or Ealing Broadway, because they don't go to Fulham Broadway.)

MH Best card for Liverpool St to Paddington daily, I will be travelling this everyday for work and will be claiming this on expenses. Which is the best card to get and can I get a receipt for it?

Staff Hi MH. If by 'best' you mean cheapest then I would get a pay-as-you-go Oyster card. You can get a receipt when you top it up in a shop (when you put some credit on it), but you can't get a receipt for each individual journey though. But if you register it on the TFL website beforehand then it will log all the journeys you make - maybe you can print that off and use that instead. Contactless cards have exactly the same fares, but because you don't have to top them up you can't get a receipt in a shop.

Ray Marshall Can I take Dockland Light Railway from Liverpool Street to Stratford?

Staff Hi Ray. Not directly from Liverpool Street. You could catch the Central line to Bank station and catch it from there, but you'd have to change DLR trains at Poplar as well, because it doesn't go direct to Stratford. You're better off just getting the central line straight there from Liverpool Street, unless there's a specific reason why you want to use the DLR.

Jess This is probably a silly question, but is Liverpool Street to Stratford westbound or eastbound?

Staff Hi Jess. You'll need the eastbound platform for that one

Hannah Does the Thameslink to Luton arrive on the same platform as the westbound tube train?

Staff Hi Hannah. No, the Luton train is overground and the tube is underground. So you'll have to come out into the main hall and then go down to the underground part

Paul Leigh Can you get from central line westbound to bishopsgate entrance stepfree

Staff Hi Paul. You'll have to use an escalator from the platforms to the ticket hall, then two lifts plus an escalator to the Bishopsgate westside exit. (It would be a lift plus three flights of stairs if you want the Bishopsgate eastside exit.)

Laura Travelling with a dog can I uses stairs to exit the station rather than the escalator?

Staff Hi Laura. It depends which entrance and tube line you're using. Some have escalators and some have stairs. If you look in the 'Platform stairs, lifts and escalators' section above then it tells you which is which

Laura Travelling in on Ipswich train need to exit onto Liverpool Street

Staff The National Rail platforms are on the booking hall level, so you can just use stairs to get out --​maps/​NascyqLXJLJYbmvw8

Colin Is there a lift from Liverpool Street underground to access Greater Anglia Line to go to Stansted Airport? Have 2 big suitcases and 2 cabin bags so difficult to use escalator or stairs. We are 70 years old!

Staff Hi Colin. It depends which underground line you're coming from. There's a lift from the Hammersmith&City eastbound platform or Central line platforms, but you have to use stairs for all the others

Colin Thanks. We are coming from King's cross St Pancras. I guess we can take a Hammersmith &City Line train from there. Not sure whether it stops on the eastbound platform! Can you please advise?

Staff Hi Colin, they name it after the train's direction of travel. Your train from King's Cross will be heading east so it will arrive on the eastbound platform

Philippa I arrive at Liverpool street from stanstead on May 6th , with luggage , going to my hotel near aldgate station . Are there escalators or lifts to get to the plateform for Aldgate please.

Staff Hi Philippa. There are lifts, but only to the central and Hammersmith & city line - neither of which go to Aldgate. So you'll have to use sone stairs. You might want to just walk it because it's only ten minutes. By the time you've got to the right platform and waited for the train you probably would have been there

Liz Tanner Are there stairs (not escalator ) or a lift from the eastbound tube trains to the main line railway station?

Staff Hi Kiz. It depends what line you're using. The central line has escalators. The rest are described in the 'Platform stairs, lifts and escalato' section above

Sharon N Hi are there lifts/escalators to go to the taxi rank outside the station? Or are there stairs to handle? How far is the taxi rank? We will be using the Elizabeth line from Heathrow Airport.

Staff Hi Sharon. It's step free from the train to the street on the Elizabeth line. The taxi rank is literally just outside, close to platform 10

David Arriving by tube this week at Liverpool Street but have to switch to overground train to white hart lane wondering does switch happen in same building and roughly how long does it take thank you

Staff Hi David. Its the same building but the National Rail / Overground platforms are upstairs. You will either have to use a lift, escalators or stairs, depending on which tube line you’re coming from. If you look at the platform stairs section above then it tells you which is which

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