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Contactless Fares 2024 - London Bus, Tube & Daily Cap Prices

London contactless bus fares 2024
Bus fares Single fare Daily cap Weekly cap
All zones £1.75 £5.25 £24.70
London underground contactless cap and fares 2024
Train fares Single fare Daily cap Weekly cap
Peak Off-peak Peak Off-peak
Zone 1 fare £2.80 £2.70 £8.50 £8.50 £42.70
Zone 1-2 fare £3.40 £2.80 £8.50 £8.50 £42.70
Zone 1-3 fare £3.70 £3 £10 £10 £50.20
Zone 1-4 fare £4.40 £3.20 £12.30 £12.30 £61.40
Zone 1-5 fare £5.10 £3.50 £14.60 £14.60 £73
Zone 1-6 fare £5.60* £3.60* £15.60 £15.60 £78
Zone 1-7 fare £6.40 £4.70 £17 £15.60 £85
Zone 1-8 fare £7.80 £4.70 £20.10 £15.60 £100.30
Zone 1-9 fare £7.90 £4.80 £22.30 £15.60 £111.30
Zone 2 fare £1.90 £1.80 £8.50 £8.50 £32
Zone 2-3 fare £2.10 £1.90 £10 £10 £32
Zone 2-4 fare £2.80 £1.90 £12.30 £12.30 £35.50
Zone 2-5 fare £3 £2 £14.60 £14.60 £42.50
Zone 2-6 fare £3.40 £2.10 £15.60 £15.60 £53.40
Zone 2-7 fare £4.70 £3.30 £17 £15.60 £55.40
Zone 2-8 fare £5.40 £3.40 £20.10 £15.60 £75.40
Zone 2-9 fare £5.40 £3.40 £22.30 £15.60 £75.40
Zone 3 fare £1.90 £1.80 £10 £10 £32
Zone 3-4 fare £2.10 £1.90 £12.30 £12.30 £32
Zone 3-5 fare £2.80 £1.90 £14.60 £14.60 £35.50
Zone 3-6 fare £3 £2 £15.60 £15.60 £42.50
Zone 3-7 fare £3.80 £2.20 £17 £15.60 £55.40
Zone 3-8 fare £4.60 £2.20 £20.10 £15.60 £75.40
Zone 3-9 fare £4.80 £2.20 £22.30 £15.60 £75.40
Zone 4 fare £1.90 £1.80 £12.30 £12.30 £32
Zone 4-5 fare £2.10 £1.90 £14.60 £14.60 £32
Zone 4-6 fare £2.80 £1.90 £15.60 £15.60 £35.50
Zone 4-7 fare £3.10 £2.20 £17 £15.60 £40.10
Zone 4-8 fare £3.80 £2.20 £20.10 £15.60 £67.60
Zone 4-9 fare £3.80 £2.20 £22.30 £15.60 £67.60
Zone 5 fare £1.90 £1.80 £14.60 £14.60 £32
Zone 5-6 fare £2.10 £1.90 £15.60 £15.60 £32
Zone 5-7 fare £2.80 £2.20 £17 £15.60 £40.10
Zone 5-8 fare £3.10 £2.20 £20.10 £15.60 £67.60
Zone 5-9 fare £3.30 £2.20 £22.30 £15.60 £67.60
Zone 6 fare £1.90 £1.80 £15.60 £15.60 £32
Zone 6-7 fare £2.10 £1.90 £17 £15.60 £40.10
Zone 6-8 fare £2.80 £2.10 £20.10 £15.60 £67.60
Zone 6-9 fare £2.90 £2.20 £22.30 £15.60 £67.60
Zone 7 fare £1.90 £1.80 £17 £15.60 £40.10
Zone 7-8 fare £2.10 £1.90 £20.10 £15.60 £67.60
Zone 7-9 fare £2.20 £2 £22.30 £15.60 £67.60
Zone 8 fare £1.90 £1.80 £20.10 £15.60 £67.60
Zone 8-9 fare £2.10 £1.90 £22.30 £15.60 £67.60
* Tube journeys between zone 1 and Heathrow are always charged at the peak rate. Elizabeth line journeys between zone 1 and Heathrow are £10.20 during off-peak hours and £12.80 during peak hours
Note: Contactless card prices are correct as of

What is a contactless card?

Contactless cards
Some contactless bank cards

A contactless card is just a bank card – your normal everyday debit card or credit card. As long as it has the fan symbol on it then you should be able to use it straight away:

Contactless cards work in exactly the same way as Oyster cards. There’s no need for a PIN, a signature, or to insert it into any reader. All you have to do is wave it in front of the yellow Oyster readers and the computer will use wireless near-field communication (NFC) technology to deduct the correct bus fare or tube fare from your bank account.

Contactless cards also work when attached to mobile payment systems like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Garmin, Fitbit, Samsung, Barclaycard Mobile and bPay.

What are the benefits of a contactless card?

  • It’s just your normal everyday bank card, so you probably already have one
  • Contactless payments are accepted all over the TFL network on the buses, London underground, DLR, TFL Rail, National Rail, Thames Clipper, and even the IFS Cloud Cable Car
  • Contactless bus fares and tube fares for single journeys are always the cheapest fares available (alongside Oyster), but unlike Oyster, there’s no need to pay a £7 deposit to get one
  • The contactless daily cap is always cheaper than buying a 1-day travelcard
  • The contactless weekly cap is the same price as a weekly travelcard
  • Unlike Oyster cards there’s no need to keep topping them up with extra credit, or worrying that your credit is about to run out on the journey home
  • The technology is safe – there’s no need to insert your bank card into any slot, or enter your PIN where somebody might see it. You shouldn’t even need to take your card out of your wallet if you don’t want to, as the machine is sensitive enough to read it through the material

What are the downsides of a contactless card?

  • Unlike Oyster cards, it’s not possible to load a travelcard onto a contactless card
  • If you’re travelling with more than one person then you’ll each need your own bank card
  • There are no contactless fares for children
  • Foreign cards might not be accepted, and overseas banks might add on a transaction fee every time you purchase something abroad, which will bump up the cost of each bus ticket and tube ticket

Can you tap your phone on the London Underground?

Contactless cards attached to mobile payment systems like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Garmin, Fitbit, Samsung, Barclaycard Mobile or bPay can be used to pay fares on the London Underground and TFL buses.

Just wave your mobile phone or iWatch near the big yellow Oyster readers – exactly as you would with a normal bank card.

But you must remember to use the same device each time, otherwise you won’t benefit from the contactless travel cap. If you tap down with your actual bank card at the start of your journey, but switch to your mobile phone at the end, then the computer won’t recognise it as being the same card (even if it’s the same card number). That’s because mobile pay systems don’t pass over bank card number. They actually pass over a totally unique number derived from your bank card and device, so TFL’s system has no way of linking the two journeys.

Can foreign bank cards be used on the London Underground?

Only a few foreign bank cards are accepted on the London Underground… chiefly American Express and most MasterCard, Maestro and Visa cards. You can check whether yours will work at the TFL website.

But be careful! If you’re using a foreign bank card then you should be extremely careful about the travel charges, because your bank might add on an extra foreign exchange fee every time you use it overseas – which will likely include each individual bus and tube ticket.

UK-issued bank cards should work fine as long as they carry the contactless payment logo

When are Peak and Off-Peak train times?

Peak: Peak time is 6:30 AM to 9.30 AM, and 4.30 PM to 7 PM (Monday to Friday). Any journey that starts during those times will have to pay a peak fare. It doesn’t matter what time your journey finishes.

Off-Peak: Outside peak time is off-peak. Weekends and public holidays are always off-peak. Note: Between the 8th March and 31st May 2024 TFL are running a trial called ‘Off-Peak Friday Fares’, where Fridays will be classed as off-peak all day.

What is the daily and weekly cap?

Daily price cap – Contactless cards have something called a ‘daily cap’. This is the maximum amount of money that the computer will take from your bank card each day – and it’s always lower than the cost of a one day travelcard.

Every time you use a London bus or tube train the computer will total up the cost of each individual journey, and if the accumulated amount exceeds the daily cap it will stop charging you. Every journey you make after that will be free.

Buses and trains have their own travel caps. If you stick with the buses all day then the cap will be cheaper. If you use the trains all day (or a combination of buses plus trains) then the cap will be higher. You can see what the caps are in the contactless fares table above.

Note: the computer doesn’t actually charge your bank account for each individual bus or tube journey, because it needs to see if you reached the cap. It waits until the early hours of the next day and then deducts a lump sum for all of the journeys combined.

Weekly price cap – The contactless weekly cap is the maximum amount that you will be charged over seven consecutive days – and it’s always the same price as a weekly travelcard.

Unfortunately there’s a catch… because the computer can only keep track of journeys from Monday and Sunday. If you’re travelling over any other stretch of seven days, like Thursday to Wednesday for example, then you’ll end up paying seven daily caps instead – so in that scenario you’re probably better off buying a weekly travelcard because that can start on any day you like.

Can two people share one contactless card?

No – it’s not possible for two people to share one contactless card. Each person in your group must have their own card if they want to pay a contactless fare.

This also applies to couples with a joint bank account – each partner will need to have their own card.

Can you pay two train fares with one card?

Tourists often tap one card down twice, making the perfectly reasonable assumption that it will subtract two fares, but the system doesn’t work like that. The first time you tap down the computer will think you’re starting your tube journey, and the second time you tap down it will think that you’re ending it. Only one tube fare will be charged in total, so if you get stopped by a TFL inspector you’ll be in a bit of trouble.

If you really do only have one card between you then buy the other person a paper ticket at the self-service machine first (which will be charged as a cash fare), and then you can tap it down on the gate for yourself (which will be charged as a contactless fare).

Where can you use contactless cards?

BusesContactless bus fares are available all over London.

London Underground, London Overground, DLR, TFL Rail, National Rail – Contactless tube fares are available within Oyster zones 1-9, plus some stations outside the zones including Watford Junction and Gatwick Airport. Note: If you use your contactless card on the Gatwick Express and Heathrow Express then the cost won’t count towards the TFL contactless cap – it will just deduct a one-off fare straight from your account.

You can use TFL’s map to see which stations are within the Oyster zones: http://​​london-rail-and-tube-services-map.pdf.

Taxis – Unlike Oyster cards and travelcards, contactless cards can also be used to pay for black taxi cab rides (assuming the fare is less than the current contactless limit of £100).

Thames Clipper and Cable Car – You can also pay for a ticket on the Thames Clipper riverbus service and IFS Cloud Cable Car. They have exactly the same kind of readers that you find on the buses and trains.

Is contactless the cheapest way to travel?

Contactless cards are the cheapest way to travel on the bus and London Underground, alongside Oyster. But contactless usually works out cheaper if it’s your very first visit to London because you also have to pay a £7 deposit the first time you buy a Oyster card.

The contactless daily cap is always cheaper than buying a one day travelcard, and the weekly cap is always the same price as a weekly travelcard. But the contactless weekly cap only runs from Monday to Sunday, so a weekly travelcard will work out cheaper if you’re travelling over any other stretch of seven days, and you’re planning on making three or more journeys on six days, or two or more journeys on seven days.

Can you get a receipt for a contactless tube journey?

It’s not possible to get a paper receipt at the point of travel. The Oyster readers at London Underground stations don’t have the facility to print out receipts.

If you really need a record of your bus or tube journey then you can register your contactless card on the TFL website beforehand, where they log twelve month’s-worth of journeys. If you don’t want to register your card then you can get a record of the previous seven days here.

Do you need to register contactless cards?

There’s no need to register your contactless card on the London Underground. As long as it carries the wireless payment symbol then it should work fine:

TFL website – If you do want to register your card then you can set up an account on TFL’s website. Most of the benefits only apply to Oyster card users, but contactless users can look up their last twelve month’s worth of journeys.

TFL app – You can also register your card through TFL’s Oyster & Contactless app.

How do you use contactless on the bus?

Contactless card reader on a bus
Touch your contactless card against the yellow Oyster reader

Using contactless cards on a London bus is very easy. All you have to do is touch your bank card against the big Oyster reader by the door (it’s bright yellow – you can’t miss it). If it registers okay then you will hear a beep and see a little green light on the machine. If you hear two beeps and see a red light then you should try again. Try taking your card out of your wallet or purse and holding it flush against the reader.

Some buses also have a second reader by the middle doors, and a third one by the back door, but if you’re an inexperienced traveller then we recommend sticking with the front door. That’s because the front door will always have a reader, and if you try and board a bus through a door where there isn’t one then it will look like you’re trying to dodge your fare. You will soon get to know which buses have extra readers as you make more journeys.

Note: There’s no need to touch down again when you leave the bus – you only have to do that when travelling on the train.

How do you use contactless on the train?

Contactless card reader at a train station
Touch your contactless card against the yellow Oyster reader

Using contactless cards on the London Underground is very easy. When you enter a the station and approach the ticket barriers you will see a big yellow Oyster reader at the front of the gate. Just wave your contactless card next to it and the gate will open automatically.

If the gate beeps and refuses to open then take your card out of your wallet and touch it flush against the reader. If it still doesn’t work then you’re probably out of money (which means your bank account is empty!).

When you leave the station at the end of your tube journey you’ll need to touch it down again. That’s because the computer needs to work out what your route was. If you only touch down at the start then the system won’t know which zones you passed through and will hit you with a penalty fare instead (ouch!).

Note: During rush hour the TFL staff will sometimes open the barriers to speed the flow of people through the station, but you STILL need to tap down – even if the gate is already open.

Why won’t your contactless card work?

Card clash – There are loads of different reasons why your card might not work, but the usual one is ‘card clash’. If you keep your Oyster card and bank card in the same wallet (or two different bank cards) then the computer might register the presence of both and get confused about which one to charge. It will then end up rejecting both. If this happens to you then don’t worry… just separate your cards and try again.

New bank card – If you have a brand-new bank card then your bank won’t allow you to make a contactless payment until you’ve made at least one chip-and-pin transaction. This is a security measure put in place by your card issuer. So all you have to do is go into a shop and buy something that requires you to enter your actual PIN number, or withdraw some money from an ATM cash machine, and it should start working okay after that.

Foreign bank card – If your card has been issued by an overseas bank then you should check whether it’s accepted on the TFL website.

Not enough money – The final reason is that maybe you just don’t have any money in your account.

Your comments and questions

MP Hi, was just wondering if when using contactless can two people use one card?

Staff Hi. No, if you're tapping down on the gate then each person will need their own card. But you can use one card if you buy two tickets at the machine - but then you'll be paying the cash fare instead of the contactless fare

Sarah Can I get a receipt when I make a contactless payment please?

Staff Hi Sarah, not at the station. But if you register your card on the TFL website beforehand than they will log your last 12-months worth of journeys

Steve Do I need to register my credit card with London Transport before I can use Contactless on the Tube?

Staff Hi Steve. No, you can use it straight away. It's no different to just using it in a shop. The only real reason you'd need to register it is if you want to see a record of all your journeys.

John Hi. Can one contactless card be used to pay for more than one person (ie 3 adults) on the same journey?

Staff Hi John. No, you will each need your own card. If you tap down multiple times on the gate then it doesn't charge multiple fares. But you can use one card to buy three paper tickets at the self-service machine if you want - but then you'll be paying the cash fare, rather than the contactless fare.

Joe Hello, I will be in London from Friday to Monday and will be travelling on trains between zones 1-3. Firstly, do I need to register online before using contactless payment or do I just touch and go? Secondly, what would be the maximum I would be charged in that 4 day period please? Thank you very much.

Staff Hi Joe. You don't have to register your card first. The only reason you might do that is if you wanted to check all your journey's and fares on the TFL website later. The maximum amount you will pay each day is the 'daily cap' for the zones you travel through. Prices are shown in the table above

PKing I travelled into London today from Cockfosters using my contactless bank card, when I arrived back at Cockfosters this evening the barrier was open and without thinking I just went straight through but didn't touch my card back through, I have just seen on this website that you must check in and out etc as you will be changed the maximum price... What is maximum price? I am really worried that it is going to cost be a fortune? Please someone help?!

Staff Hi PKing. Assuming that you remembered to touch down on the way in, then it would have charged you whatever the maximum journey was on that line - right up to the last stop. For example, if you started your journey in zone 1, and forgot to tap down when you left the train in zone 2, it would have charged you all the way up to the last stop on the line (Cockfosters in zone 5). But seeing as that's where you were going anyway it should be the same price. [Note: I suppose it's possible that they will charge you the other way instead - towards Heathrow - because they won't be able to tell which way you were headed. The maximum price for that would be zones 1-6, rather than zones 1-5.]

PKing Thanks for the reply, I went Cockfosters to South Kensington then Piccadilly Circus and back to Cockfosters again. I did the payment at Piccadilly Circus but not when we got back at Cockfosters as gates were open and kids busting for a toilet so I didn't give it a second thought, will I be fined? It was first time using the contact less today as well.

Staff As long as you remembered to tap in on the way in, then you'll be fine because they're still charging you a fare (the maximum possible one). If you forgot to tap in at both ends then that would be different - that's when you can get in trouble.

PKing Thank you, what a worry! Thanks so much for replying

Mari I used a contactless card for tube journey correctly going & returning all worked well but when home found my card had been locked - had a lengthy call to bank to unlock and enable another £30 limit to be drawn. Why would this be?

Staff Hi Mari. You'll have to ask your bank, but I know my bank would freeze my card if it was used for unusual things. It's a security thing, to protect your money. So if this was the very first time you've used contactless on the underground then they may have seen that as unusual.

Dean Can I use my iPhone and Apple watch to pay for a cashless train ticket

Staff Hi Dean. Yes, you can use Apple Pay. You just touch in and out the same way you would with a normal contactless card.

Pat Whaley If both my wife and I use the same card and scan it twice? As I do not have contactless on my card

Staff Hi Pat. No. Only one fare will be deducted. (The first time she taps down the computer will think she's entering the station, and the second time she taps down it will think she's leaving the station.) But she could use her card to buy you a ticket at the self-service machine. But then you'd be paying the cash fare instead of the contactless fare.

Tim Sharp Do you have to set anything up to use your contactless card, or does it just work? Also, not absolutely certain what the 'cap' means - does it just mean that when you reach a certain spend, your journeys effectively become free, or does the card stop working?

Staff Hi Tim. You don't have to set anything up. It's no different to using it in a shop, you just tap it down and it should work. The cap is the maximum amount the computer will take off your card in any one day, but you can still carry on making journeys after you reach it. And you still have to carry on tapping down - you just won't be charged.

Tim Sharp Thanks, that's very helpful - we'll just use our contactless cards this weekend then

Lyn Do you still get issued with a ticket if you pay by contactless. If not how does the ticket person know you have paid for the train

Staff Hi Lyn. You don't get a ticket with contactless. If an inspector wants to check you've paid then he has a little handheld reader which he'll touch against your card.

Fiona Gee Can I use my phone (Apple Pay) as a contactless payment for a tube fare, like I do in a shop?

Staff Hi Fiona. You can, yes. It works in exactly the same way

JC Hi, am I right to understand that for contactless weekly cap, it will work just right if travels begin Monday and the cap will be computed and charged to the bank/debit card on Sunday? If there is no travel whatsoever on 1 day of the week, what happens then? Will it be charged as daily cap until the next Monday begins? Thanks.

Staff Hi JC. That's right, it only counts from Mon to Sun. Your account will still get charged fares at the end of each day (or the daily cap, or whatever you owed), but if the accumulated total reaches the weekly cap before the end of Sunday night then it will stop charging you. You don't have to travel every day, but you would have to travel for at least 5 or 6 days to reach the total (depending on which zones you are travelling through).

Tara Hi can you explain how the contactless works for me please. I am making a one off journey from Oxford Circus to Liverpool Street and then a day later Liverpool Street to Paddington. If for instance I got the central line to Oxford Circus then Bakerloo line to Paddington, is this two payments or should I get Hammersmith line direct to Paddington from Liverpool St? Thanks in advance,

Staff Hi Tara. You tap down at the start of the journey, and then again at the end of your journey. When you change trains in the middle of the journey you don't have to pass through any barriers, so there's no need to tap down. All you're doing is walking between different platforms. It's only when you pass through some barriers and exit the station that your journey comes to an end.

Bob Howard If two adults are travelling together, but have only one contactless card with them, how do the both pay at the same time with the contactless card?

Staff Hi Bob. You can't. If only one of you has a contactless card, then only one of you gets a contactless fare. It's not possible to tap down twice and pay two fares. But you can use the card to buy a paper ticket at the self-service machine for your partner if you want - but then you'll be paying the cash fare instead.

Mary Where can I get a contactless card?

Staff Hi Mary. It's just your everyday bank card. If you've got an old one that hasn't got the contactless symbol on it then you might have to ask your bank to send you a new one

Tort If I use my debit card (contactless) how many journeys can I use it for in one day as I see there is a daily cap. I need to get to Greenwich and then to North Greenwich from Paddington. Two of these journeys will be at peak times.

Staff Hi Tort. There's no limit. You can make as many journeys as you like. Once the accumulated total reaches the cap the computer will stop charging you, but you can still carry on making journeys

Tony The cap for contactless is that all I will be charged if I travel all day

Staff Hi Tony. As long as you use the same card each time, yes. That is the maximum amount you will be charged in one day

Nigel I notice off peak travel from zone 1-6 on the underground is between 09:30 & 16:00. I'll be using a contactless card so does my journey have to end by 16:00 or does it still apply if I start at, say, 15:45

Staff Hi Nigel. The only thing that matters is when your journey starts. If it starts during off-peak hours then it will be charged as off-peak. It doesn't matter when it ends.

Kathghee If my daughter and I use contactless payment for our single journey where do we buy a ticket for 12 year old grandchild travelling with us?

Staff Hi KathGhee. All underground stations have self-service ticket machines, so you can use your contactless card to buy her a ticket from there

Joan If I use contactless on the tube and I have a child with me who goes free, how do they get through the barrier?

Staff Hi Joan. All tube stations have extra-wide gates for people with buggies and wheelchairs. Just use that one and you'll have plenty of space to walk through together. If he doesn't make it you can ask a member of staff at the barrier to swipe him through

MP Can I use contactless on overground trains as well as the tube and do they both have a daily cap? Thanks in advance

Staff Hi MP. You can use contactless on the overground as well, but only if the stations are inside the Oyster fare zones. Here's a map which shows all the underground and overground stations inside the zones:​cdn/​static/cms/images/london-rail-and-tube-services-map.gif

Mandy M Sorry to sound so dim but by contactless card do u mean my normal debit cash card?

Staff Hi Mandy. That's right, yes. It's just the normal bank card that you use to do your everyday shopping

Philip B Can I just confirm that if I intend to use contactless card for the same fares as an Oyster card I have no need to do anything other than turn up with my card, IE no need to set up any account etc, thanks for useful site.

Staff Hi Philip. That's correct, yes. You don't have to set up an account if you don't want to. It just does some handy things like log all your journeys so you can see where you've been and what you were charged, but that's about it, really.

Helen To purchase a day cap contactless for zone 1, do I simply scan my debit card at the turnstile at each station I use? Regardless of the number of trips, does it only debit the daily cap price? Do I then not need a ticket as such? Thanks, I have never used contactless before.

Staff Hi Helen. You don't buy a daily cap. Every time you touch your contactless card down on the gate the computer will charge you the relevant fare. It will also keep track of the accumulated total throughout the course of the day, and as soon as it recognises that you've reached the daily cap it will stop charging you (but you still need to carry on tapping down for each journey). And you don't need a ticket - just your bank card.

LBS Coming down for 4 nights with my daughter (12) and will use my contactless card for payment on tube... Can I just scan my card twice each time, or will I need to use one card for me and one for my daughter?

Staff Hi LBS. You have to use two different cards. If you try touching it down twice with one card then it will still only take one fare. The first time you touch down it will think you are entering the station, and the second time you touch down it will think you are leaving the station. If you've only got one card then buy her a ticket at the self-service machine with it, and then touch it down on the gate for yourself (but then she'll be paying the cash fare instead, rather than the contactless fare)

Bil How do I get a receipt if I use contactless payment

Staff Hi Bil. It's not possible to get one at the gate, but if you register your card on the TFL website beforehand it will give you a journey history and log all the payments it took.

Lily This site is brilliant and explained so much. One thing I am still not sure about, my 12 year old daughter and I are coming for a day out in London soon, staying in Zone 1, and want to use just buses not the underground. I would rather use contactless payment but realise I will not be able to do this for her too, what would the easiest thing be to do in this situation?

Staff Hi Lily. I would probably get her on Oyster card. It might seem that a 1-day bus-only travelcard is cheap because it only cost £5.20, but you will also need to pay a £5 deposit on top for a brand-new oyster card (assuming that she doesn't have one), because the 1-day bus-only travelcards only come loaded onto an oyster card. The bus+train travelcards do come as a paper ticket, but they are more expensive - £13:90. So seeing as you've got to pay the £5 deposit for a brand-new Oyster card anyway you may as well just get her one of them, because the daily cap on the bus is only £4.65. (If you'd rather not have the hassle of getting an oyster card on the day then maybe just order her 1-day bus+train travelcard straight from the TFL website for £13:90, and have it posted to you. It's not possible to buy the bus-only ones from their website)

Eunice Hello, May i know is that ok sometimes i use apply pay on phone, another time i use my contactless card? (They are actually the same bank a/c) just wondering will they still count as the same account to meet the daily cap? Thanks!

Staff Hi Eunice. It has to be the same card every time, not just the same account. But I’ve got an inkling that Apple Pay doesn’t pass your card number over, so the computer wouldn’t be able to match the two together. I would check with TFL to be sure -​help-and-contact/​contact-us-about-tube-and-rail

Ian Hi how would i get my 4 year old grandchild through the barrier/gate if he travels for free?

Staff Hi Ian. There's always at least one extra wide barrier for wheelchairs and people with luggage. If you use that then there will be plenty of space for her to get through beside you. But if she misses it then all you have to do is ask a member of staff behind the barrier and they will let her through

Dave Dee If my 14 yr old uses a bank card for contactless, does she get the child discount or will she have to pay full fare. Regards David

Staff Hi David. She’ll just pay an adult fare. There are no child discounts for contactless. (The reason is because bank cards don’t contain any information about your age, so the computer has no way of knowing you’re a kid)

Altaf Hussain Hi there, I want to travel on Saturday from Victoria u g to wimbledon main station. Can please tell me the total return cost of the journey. Many thanks.

Staff Hi Altaf. Look in the table under zones 1-3, off-peak. There are no return fares, you just pay the same price as two singles

Derek Can I buy a card from Canada and have it sent to me

Staff Hi Derek. Not a contactless card, no, because it’s a bank card. It comes with a bank account. But you can get a Visitor Oyster card sent over -​transport/​visitor-oyster-cards.php

Susan Hi. We will be travelling with 4 children ages 10, 7, 5 and 10 months. Will they need their own tickets to use the train?

Staff Hi Susan. No, they can all travel for free (if accompanied by an adult) -​transport/​child-train-fares.php

Anna My partner doesn’t have a bank account can she use my applePay (on phone) and I use use my bank card as they both come out of the same account?

Staff Hi Anna. To quote directly from TFL: “You can pay for someone else's travel with your contactless card or device if they're travelling with you. You need to pay for your own travel with a different card or device” So if it’s the same card on ApplePay then the answer would seem to be no. But they also say you can pay with a different device, so maybe. [You could certainly use your card to buy your partner a ticket at the self service machine (for the cash fare) and use your card to get the contactless fare for yourself.] But you really need to ask TFL for a definitive answer -​help-and-contact/​

Derek John Charlton My wife and I each have a contactless card for the same account, can we use them on the tube. Thanks

Staff Hi Derek. Yes, as long as you each have your own card. (You can't tap one card down twice and have it take two fares.) To quote TFL: "If you have a joint bank account, you can usually both use your contactless cards to travel as each card will be charged separately."

Sophia Hi! I'll be arriving in the UK via Heathrow with my parents on 15th December and will stay in London till 20th December, before making our way to Cambridge. My cards are foreign banks and I take note of your reminder about the exchange rates charges. That said, would it be wise for us to purchase the 1-day travelcard daily, or the weekly travelcard to be used on the London tube and buses during our stay in London? Also, can we use the same travelcard for the bus ride to Cambridge? Many thanks!

Staff Hi Sophia. You'd normally have to make at least 3 journeys on the six days you're in London for it to work out cheaper than contactless, but seeing as you might have extra charges on your foreign bank card you're probably better off with the weekly travelcard. You can't use it to Cambridge though, because that's too far away. you'll have to buy a completely separate ticket for that. Note: If you want to use the travelcard from Heathrow then you'll have to get zones 1-6, but you probably don't need to use zones 1-6 all week (you'll likely only need zones 1-2, depending on where you're going). so you could buy a zones 1-2 card and then just buy yourself single tickets at Heathrow station to get you into London, which will save you about 18 quid

STEPHEN NICHOLS I'm travelling from East Croydon 12:00 to Gatwick Airport. I notice a day return is cheaper than 2 singles. Will contactless charge the cheaper day return rate or 2 singles?

Staff Hi Stephen. Gatwick is outside the zones so there are no separate contactless fares. all youre doing is paying a normal gatwick fare with your card. if you want a return ticket youd have to buy it at the machine beforehand

STEPHEN NICHOLS Thank you replying to my day return ticket or contactless East Croydon to Gatwick question. Nat rail website flagged up oyster and contactless has been extended to certain stations including Gatwick. A normal single ticket is £5.70 or off peak day return £6.90. However contactless to Gatwick was flagged up as £3.40 each way making £6.80 return. Contactless best for the 2 journeys.

Staff Hi Stephen. Bit difficult to check without knowing your date, but when we look on the national rail website for East Croydon to Gatwick its just coming up as £6,90 for a return. two singles are coming up as 2 x £5,70. can't find that £3,40 fare.

STEPHEN NICHOLS Hi, typed East Croydon to Gatwick weekday 11am return 3.30 pm. On Nat rail website 'Train time & tickets' section just above "Departs at" info top left of website page was “with Oyster or Contactless (pay as you go) from £6.80". However this is only cheaper if I journey back before 4 pm else it rises to £8.90 return when the day return ticket £6.90 is best. Thanks for taking time with earlier two questions.

Nell Hello sorry if this sounds daft. I'm only in London one day a Thursday. I will be going from Earls Court to London Bridge. I understand I just tap my card to get onto the stations, there is no added cost to using the contactless. I don't want to get home and find the cost is more than i was expecting. Thank You for reading my request.

Staff Hi Nell. That’s right, that’s all you have to do. The only way you’d be charged extra is if you forget to tap down at either end, and get a penalty fare. Or if your card is from a foreign bank, then your bank might charge an extra fee on top.

Sue Is there a child fare and do i have to purchase this?

Staff Hi Sue. There are no child fares for contactless, only adult ones. Here are all the child fares -​transport/​child-train-fares.php

Steven Hi, my family and I (3 adults) had used our contactless cards to pay for a bus (number 427) ride from Ealing Broadway to Ealing Common on Saturday 12/3/22 at 20:00 as Ealing Common tube station was closed for some works. We were each charged 7.45 GBP so it seems to be a most expensive bus ride for such a short distance. Is there any way to get a reimbursement?

Staff Hi Steven. We can't see anything that costs £7.45, so we don't know how that came about. If you haven't registered your contactless card with TFL beforehand (most people don't) then TFL only keep the last 7 days of your journey history so you'll have to query it in the next few days. See '7 day journey & payment history' on this page -​UnregisteredCustomer/​Show

Robert Hi , when using a contactless card , say i go from heathrow to paddington , do i tap my card when i enter And exit when i get to paddington ? then from there just use my card to enter and exit different stations thank you

Staff Hi Robert, You have to tap down at both ends of the journey, yes. thats so the computer knows which route you took and what to charge you.

Debbie I’ve been in London for 3 days using my contactless card to travel in zone 1 only, one journey was in peak time. I have been charged 2 separate charges; £21 & £5. I thought my daily journeys would be capped at £7.70 per day making the cost £23.10. Am I missing something.

Staff Hi Debbie. The £5 is probably two single fares of £2.50 (the system waits until the end of the day before it charges you, to see if you reached the cap, and then charges you a lump sum). But I can't imagine what the £21 was. Did you maybe get a train from Gatwick? Because that price wouldn't be included in the cap. But you can check the last 7 days of payments on the TFL website, even if you haven't registered the card - (check the link for '7 day journey and payment history')

Debbie Hi no I travelled to Kings Cross, walked to Leicester Square on the first day. I haven’t left Zone 1 on any of the days. I used an Uber boat on the second day, would that have been included in the £21 charge? I thought I would be charged for that separately. I’ll give the link you sent a try. Thanks.

Staff Thats probably what it was… maybe a £16:10 return ticket on Uber, which isnt included in the cap, and then a couple of £2.50 single fares -​plan-your-journey/​ticket-information

Yesi I will travel from Newcastle to London Kings Cross and from London Kings Cross to Paddington to get Heathrow express. 1.) How to get the tube ticket from Kings Cross to Paddington? Can I use contactless? 2.) Do I need to exit the gate to get Heathrow express from Paddington station? How if I use contactless but not exit the gate from Paddington?

Staff Hi Yesi. You can use contactless for Kings Cross to Paddington. You don't need a ticket, you just tap your bank card down on the gate, as explained on this page. You will have to exit the barriers at Paddington, because you need to leave the underground part and go up to the National Rail platforms to catch the Heathrow Express. You can then use contactless on the Heathrow Express as well if you want, but you'll probably find it cheaper to buy a ticket online in advance

Maria Hi, I'll be travelling with my 10 year old son. Will I have to pay separately for him if using contactless? Or can he travel for free since he's with a paying adult?

Staff Hi Maria. Kids under 11 travel for free, but if he's 10 and looks over 11 you might want to take proof of age just in case one of the staff queries it -​transport/​child-train-fares.php

Bill Where to get contactless card

Staff Hi Bill. It’s just your normal everyday bank card, so you need a bank account

Claire Just check every time enter station and leave I scan my contactless card ? I’m coming for day on Sunday want go to London eye then not sure where else at minute thanks my daughter will be ten.

Staff Hi Clare, Thats right, yes. On the trains you touch down at both ends of the journey. But on the buses you only do it when you get on.

Harsh Shall I use same bank account to tap for 2 person tickets? One by card and another contactless tap by phone.

Staff Hi Harsh, that will only work if its a different card number. you cant use one card to pay two contactless fares

Josie I'll be visiting London on a Tuesday arriving at Kings X and traveling to the Barbican (using the tube) for the Museum of London. Both of which are in zone 1 I believe. I will use contactless, and understand that I need to tap before taking the tube, and tap again when exiting. Will I just be charged for that single journey, and another single journey from the Barbican to Kings X (on my return) or some other amount ie a cap? Please explain what the 'cap' is, how much it is, and how it works. Thanking you.

Staff Hi Josie. You tap in at the start of each journey, and tap out again at the end. You will be charged two single fares (they dont do return fares on the underground). You’d only pay the daily cap if the total combined value of all your journeys that day equals it, but if you look at the fare table above you can see that two single fares are less than the daily cap. Its all explained in the ‘What is the Daily Cap’ section above.

Tony Can I use my bus pass on any bus?

Staff Hi Tony. It depends what one you’ve got. If you’re talking about a senior one issued outside of London, and it has a red rose symbol on it, then you can use it on TFL buses after 9 AM -​transport/​senior-bus-fares.php

Pauline Hughes I have reached the daily zone 4 cap £11. If I now get a bus will the zone 4 cap apply or how do I find out if the bus I'm getting is in zone 5 which presumably increases the cap to zone 5 £13.10? I'm trying to work out my cheapest option ...

Staff Hi Pauline. Buses don't have zones (only trams and trains have zones). So if you've been catching trains in zones 1-4, and then get a bus in what would be zone 5 for a train, then you'll still get charged the zones 1-4 cap. But if you've been using buses all day, and no trains, then you'd use the cheaper cap shown here instead -​transport/​adult-bus-fares.php

Eve Why is a contactless card charged as paying by cash when used in a ticket machine - no staff to ask for advice at the station - return journey from North Greenwich to Mile End charged at £12.60 rather than £3.40 a difference of £9.20 !!!

Staff Hi Eve. You don't need to buy a ticket from the machine if you're using contactless. You just tap your card down on the yellow reader by the gate. If you buy one from the machine you’ll always be paying the cash fare. Contactless fares rely on the computer tracking one person’s journey through their card, but it has no way of knowing who’s going to be using the paper ticket.

Gote Hi I got a Swedish Debit Bank / Visa card. can I use that as contactless card (since it is a foreign / non British bank card)?

Staff Hi Gote. The only ones that TFL mention as definitely being okay are (quote) "American Express (AMEX) MasterCard and Maestro (some cards issued in the USA, Canada and the Netherlands aren't accepted), Visa and V PAY (some cards issued outside the UK aren't accepted)". So your visa card might be okay. We don't usually recommend it though, because they might add on a transaction fee every time you buy something abroad, which will include individual bus and train tickets.

GOTE Hi again If i have a contactless card and use it for travelling as follows - can you please verify prices and the use of the card. 1. Day one travelling from Heathrow to Tottenham Court Road I use the card at the gate once entering at Heathrow and once exiting at Tottenham Court Road? and nowhere in between? Which train / line to use and where to change if necessary? Total cost £5.00 2. During my stay in London there is a daily cap for travelling within zones 1-2 of £7.70? 3. When returning to Heathrow, the travel is as above just the opposite order?

Staff You can get the elizabeth line for £5,50 -​transport/​train-journey.php?from=heathrow-terminals-1-2-3&to=tottenham-court-road. At the moment the daily cap is £7.70 for zones 1-2 (the prices always go up in March). And the return journey will be the same in the opposite order. But remember they might add on a transaction fee if it's a foreign card.

Brian I think I understand the cap. Does this apply to tube and bus or are they separate. Say I used up all my 8.10 tube fares, would I then be charged for using a TfL bus

Staff Hi Brian. If you use buses all day, and no trains, then you'll pay the bus daily cap, which is cheaper. But if you use trains all day, or a combination of trains and buses, then you'll pay the train daily cap instead. You wouldn't have to pay for the bus in your example, because once you reach the daily cap you can still carry on riding the buses and trains, but the computer stops charging you.

Jen If my journey starts with the tube at Waterloo and then I change to a train at Liverpool St, do I have to tap off the tube and then onto the train? Zone 1-3

Staff Hi Jen. If you're changing to another tube train at Liverpool Street, then no, you should be able to change platforms without passing through any barriers. But if you mean you're catching a National Rail train at Liverpool Street, then yes, you'll have to go through a gate and tap out.

Christine Remnant Do you need to tap your Card again when you finish your journey

Staff Hi Christine. Only on the trains. You don't have to tap them down again on the buses

Jean Hi, we're travelling from Westminster to Wembley Park on a Sunday paying for tickets via our Debit cards. Each of us will use contactless at the self service machines to get a paper ticket. Can we buy our outgoing and return tickets at the same time if staying within the same zones. And is the route we want to take direct or must we change

Staff Hi Jean. Assuming that you’ve both got UK bank cards, it would be better to just touch them down on the gate because then you’ll be paying the contactless fare. If you buy tickets at the machine you’ll be paying the cash fare, which is more expensive. If you do choose to pay at the machine there’s no such thing as a return fare, but you can choose a return journey. The price will be the same as two single journeys, and the machine will give you two single tickets. it is a direct train -​transport/​train-journey.php?from=westminster&to=wembley-park

Deidre Gray Can you use a rail card when you pay contactessly with a credit card?

Staff Hi Deidre. Unfortunately not, no. Theres no way to load a railcard onto a bank card, only oyster cards. Oyster has the same fares as contactless, so maybe you can get one of them instead

Joanne I'll be travelling in London with my 11 year old daughter, just for one day and probably just two journeys in zone 1. I know there are no child fares but if she swipes one of my bank cards (contactless, and not the one I'll be using) is this OK? Presumably I'll just be charged adult fare for her?

Staff Hi Joanne. If they're two completely different card numbers then you could do it, but technically i’m not sure whether banks allow other people to use your card, even if you give your permission, which is something to be aware of. If you want to be safe then just buy her a paper ticket at the machine with your card… but then she’d be charged a cash fare

Tarun Hi, hope you're doing well. Is there any significant difference in price between using an Oyster card vs. a contactless card (aside from the £7 deposit). I will be staying in London long-term so would like to know which would be the best option in the long run. Thanks!!

Staff Hi Tarun. The fares are identical. The only time they might be different is if you had a foreign bank card, because some banks add on a transaction fee every time you use it overseas.

john Do we pay for children 16 years and below

Staff Hi John. 11-17 year olds from London can get discount fares with the right card. Under 11s are free -​transport/​child-train-fares.php

Carole Why do you not tap out when getting off the bus, how will it know what to charge. Also if I travel from deptford bridge station to cutty sark station can I use contactless to pay and do I tap on and off.

Staff Hi Carole. On a bus you pay for one journey, rather than the number of stops. It doesn't matter whether you travel one mile or five miles, it's still the same price. You can use contactless on the bus. You only have to tap when you get on, not off.

Jerry If I'm traveling from Heathrow to Tottenham court, then to Leicester square, then back from Tottenham to Heathrow using the E-line and the tube is that capped for one day at the zone 1-6 cap?

Staff Hi Jerry. No, because if you add up the individual journeys they don't quite reach the daily cap, so you'd be charged the individual fares instead (i make it £14, but it depends if your tottenham court road to leicester square bit is peak or off-peak)

Jerry I must be misinformed; I thought the fare from Heathrow to Tottenham on the E-line was 13.90 each way?

Staff We have found that mentioned on the internet, so we see what you're saying, but we've double-checked it on TFL's official fare finder page and it's coming up as normal underground prices (which is what we quoted above). They also mention the Elizabeth line at the top. Heres the page if you'd like to check --​fares/​find-fares/tube-and-rail-fares/single-fare-finder?intcmp=54716 —- but we’ve sent a query to TFL to confirm

jerry Thank You for taking the time to inquire about this for me, i have not been able to find a definitive answer.

Staff Received a reply from TFL - "We appreciate how confusing this can be for the travelling public. Fares on the Elizabeth line are generally the same as fares on the Underground, but the single fare to and from Heathrow is £12,80 in Peak hours (£10,20 in Off-Peak hours). This compares favourably with Heathrow Express prices but the Tube fare is cheaper"

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