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London Victoria station - Train Times, Tube Fares & Stairs

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London Victoria station has 19 platforms. It is in Oyster fare zone 1 and connects with the Circle, District and Victoria underground lines. It also serves National Rail

London Underground delays at Victoria station

Next train from Victoria station

Tube line closures on the Circle, District and Victoria line

Underground train fares from Victoria

Victoria station is in zone 1 (central London)

Train fares from Victoria station
Fare zone Cash Oyster & Contactless cards
Single fare Single fare Daily cap
Peak Off-peak Peak Off-peak
Zone 1 fare £6.70 £2.80 £2.70 £8.50 £8.50
Zone 1-2 fare £6.70 £3.40 £2.80 £8.50 £8.50
Zone 1-3 fare £6.70 £3.70 £3 £10 £10
Zone 1-4 fare £6.70 £4.40 £3.20 £12.30 £12.30
Zone 1-5 fare £6.70 £5.10 £3.50 £14.60 £14.60
Zone 1-6 fare £6.70 £5.60* £3.60* £15.60 £15.60
Zone 1-7 fare £8.30 £6.40 £4.70 £17 £15.60
Zone 1-8 fare £9.50 £7.80 £4.70 £20.10 £15.60
Zone 1-9 fare £9.80 £7.90 £4.80 £22.30 £15.60
* Tube journeys between zone 1 and Heathrow are always charged at the peak rate
Travelcard prices
Fare zone Travelcards (Train, Bus & Tram)
One day travel­card Week travel­card Month travel­card
Anytime Off-peak
Zone 1-2 travelcard n/a n/a £42.70 £164
Zone 1-4 travelcard £15.90 n/a £61.40 £235.80
Zone 1-6 travelcard £22.60 £15.90 £78 £299
Zone 1-9 travelcard £28.50 £17 £111.30 £427.40
See our complete list of Underground fares, Underground fares for seniors, Underground fares for children, Oyster Underground fares, Contactless Underground fares and Travelcard Underground fares
Note: Ticket costs and daily caps are correct as of

Peak and off-peak journey times

For Oyster and contactless off-peak is outside the hours of 6.30 AM-9.30 AM and 4 PM-7 PM (Mon-Fri). For travelcards off-peak is any time after 9.30 AM (Mon-Fri). Weekends and public holidays are always classed as off-peak. Note: Between the 8th March and 31st May 2024 TFL are running a trial called ‘Off-Peak Friday Fares’, where Fridays will be classed as off-peak all day.

The underground fare is based on what time your journey begins. It doesn’t matter what time your journey ends.

Platform stairs, lifts and escalators at Victoria

The Victoria line at Victoria tube station is wheelchair accessible, and has step-free access from the street to the train. The Circle and District lines only have step-free access from the street to the platform, and there may be a step up or gap to the train

Station entrance – There’s a lift from the entrance to the booking hall. If you want to avoid the lift then you can use one flight of stairs from the Victoria Street entrance (17 steps down), or two flights from the Wilton Road entrance (19 steps down +7 steps down). After that there’s another lift down to the platforms. If you want to avoid the lift then you can use one flight of stairs to the Circle/​District westbound platform (24 steps down), or two flights to the Circle/​District eastbound platform (16 steps down +7 steps down), or one escalator and one flight of 4 steps to the Victoria line platforms

Station exit – There’s a lift from the platforms to the booking hall. If you want to avoid the lift then you can use one flight of stairs from the Circle/​District westbound platform (24 steps up), or two flights from the Circle/​District eastbound platform (7 steps up +16 steps up), or one escalator and one flight of 4 steps from the Victoria line platforms. After that there’s another lift to the exit. If you want to avoid the lift then you can use one flight of stairs to the Victoria Street exit (17 steps up), or two flights to the Wilton Road exit (7 steps up +19 steps up)

Changing train platforms – You can use a lift when changing between the Circle/​District/​Victoria/​National Rail platforms

Tube journey planner – Timetables, First & Last Train Times

Look up timetables and first and last train times from London Victoria to Bank, Charing Cross, Earl’s Court, Euston, King’s Cross, Liverpool Street, London Bridge, Marylebone, Paddington, Waterloo or another train station:

Other underground stations that are close to London Victoria include St James’s Park, Sloane Square and Pimlico station

Victoria underground station facilities

Victoria Station, Victoria Street, London, SW1E 5ND
0845 330 9877
You can buy train tickets at the manned windows and self-service machines in the National Rail ticket hall, and at the self-service machines in the Underground ticket hall
Cash machines:
There are ATMs at the station
Public toilets:
Baby changing room:
Public payphone:
Passport photo booth:
Vending machine:
Waiting room:
Victoria also has bag storage facilities where you can leave your luggage
Onsite car park:
No – Victoria station car parks
Taxi rank:
Cycle rack:

Your comments and questions

Ash Is this Victoria Coach station?

Staff No, Victoria coach station is about a 5 to 10-minute walk from Victoria train station. When you come out of the station you need to walk straight down Buckingham Palace Road, and it will be on the righthand side

Maria Moss How do I book tickets on tube from Victoria station to Paddington station

Staff It's not possible to book single tickets online in advance. You can only get those at the station from a ticket window or a self service machine. If you want to get a ticket online in advance then you'll have to get an Oyster card or travelcard... or you can just use your contactless bank card to tap down at the gate, then you won't need a ticket at all.

474DB Can you get from Victoria to Paddington direct on the circle line or do I need to change?

Staff The Circle line goes direct to Paddington (be aware that if you board the District line instead, from the same platform, then you would have to change)

Colin What line and platform do I use from Euston to Victoria on underground

Staff From Euston you'll need the Victoria southbound platform

Eugene How do I get from Victoria station to Earl's Court tube station please?

Staff You can just catch the district line the whole way. Get a westbound train. Don't jump on a Circle line train from the same platform though, because that doesn't go to Earl's Court

MM Which platforms do I need from Victoria to Baker Street on the underground

Staff Hi MM. You need the Victoria northbound platform. Then change onto the Jubilee northbound platform at Green Park.

Mark What is the best kind of same day return ticket for a trip from Victoria. What should I ask the guy at the counter? Thanks

Staff Hi Mark. If you're talking about a journey on the London underground then they don't do return fares anymore. You just pay the same price as two singles. You could get a 1-day travelcard, but it will cheaper just to use your contactless bank card instead. The maximum you'll pay is the 'daily cap' for whichever zones you're travelling through.

Comernigel How do I pay cash at Victoria station?

Staff Hi Comernigel. You can use cash at a manned window or a self-service ticket machine. But not every ticket machine accepts cash, some of them only accept cards (it will say so at the top)

Jenny Ann What is the best way to get to London City Airport? I think there is no direct line, isn`t it?

Staff Hi Jenny, You'll have to change trains at least twice to get to London City Airport --​transport/​train-journey.php?from=victoria&to=london-city-airport

Josie To ensure the train we get on is going the right direction, ie : from Victoria towards Warren Street and not away from Warren Street, which train should we board?

Staff Hi Josie. You'll need the northbound platform, and the LCD board on the platform will say the train is heading towards Walthamstow Central (which is the last stop on the line).

Mr D Harries I will be traveling from Victoria station to Greenwich by tube on Saturday but will I be charged twice on my contactless bank card, as I have to walk from Canary Wharf to Heron Quay to catch the DLR to Greenwich?

Staff Hi Mr Harries. If you exit the station through the barriers then that will be the end of your journey, and you'll be charged for another one when you reboard at Heron Quays. You could just change onto the DLR at Canary Wharf though. Heron Quays is very close by, but you don't really need to change there

angela Are the trains from victoria to kew above ground?

Staff Hi Angela. Its mainly below ground to Earls Court, then after that its all above ground to Kew, apart from a little bit after Hammersmith

Eric How does one get from District line (coming from Hammersmith) out of Victoria station at the right place to catch the #2 bus?

Eric I should have added that the need is to use lift(s) to get from the track level to the street, avoiding all stairs since heavy luggage is involved.

Staff Hi Eric. Bus stop F is the one nearest to the front of the station. Stop H is close as well, but it depends which direction youre travelling (H goes towards Marylebone, F to Norwood)

Eric Thanks. Any particular advice on where to sit on a District train coming from Hammersmith in order to exit at Victoria near a lift, or where to find a lift upon exiting the train which will place us near the front of the station? As I wrote in my second query, we are seeking to avoid stairs getting to the surface level and out of the station.

Staff There’s definitely a lift from the underground up to the main booking hall, so you dont need to climb any stairs. we dont have a map of the underground part, but this map shows where the lift comes out into the booking hall (its the one near the bottom, by the underground sign - you can see Terminus Place where your bus stops are) -​wp-content/​uploads/2021/08/Victoria-Map.pdf

Eric Great information; thanks. Last question: is there any benefit to changing from Piccadilly line to District line at Baron's Court vs. Hammersmith? I know the latter is simply a cross-platform situation. Baron's Court has been suggested as less busy, but unknown if it is also simply a cross-platform transfer. Recommendation?

Staff Assuming that you want both trains going in the same direction then its cross platform. otherwise youll have to use the stairs up and stairs back down again. hammersmith, earls court and south kensington are usually the busiest stations along that stretch, but it depends when youre going, lots of people will probably get off at hammersmith so maybe it will be easier to get a seat

Justin How large are the lockers at this station (height, width, depth)?

Staff Hi Justin. We've emailed them for you, and will see what they say -​en/​left-luggage

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