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Up At The O2 Arena — Climb to the top of the dome

Up at The O2
Where? O2 Arena, Peninsula Square, North Greenwich When? 1st February to 3rd November 2024 Tours every 15 to 30 mins from 11 AM to 7.30 PM (Mon-Fri); 10 AM to 6.30 PM (Sat-Sun); Except during Jan (Fri-Sun only), Mar & Nov-Dec (Mon, Wed-Sun) The tour lasts for 1½ Price? From £35 Parking: Nearby car parks Buses: 108, 188, 422, 472, M1, M2 Bus fares Trains: The closest station is North Greenwich Jubilee Train fares

If you're feeling brave (extremely brave!) then you can climb to the top of the O2 Arena and stand on their viewing platform, for a spectacular view of the London skyline.

Safety talk before the climb starts

Safety talk before the climb
Demonstration of the climb harness during the safety talk

Before the climb begins you'll have to sit down for a 30-minute safety talk by an expert climb guide, who will kit you out with a climb suit and shoes.

The O2 Arena

You'll then be attached to the climb system with a saftey harness, so there's absolutely no chance of tumbling down the slope. Once you reach the viewing platform at the top you'll be unattached so you can move around freely.

Metal walkway to the top of The O2

Metal walkway to the top of the dome
Metal walkway to the top of the dome

The metal walkway sits just two metres above the dome's tent. It's 380 metres from start to finish and has an incline of 30 degrees at its steepest point -- which is very steep. Imagine climbing a flight of stairs for 380 metres -- that's how fit you need to be.

Viewing platform at the top of the O2 Arena
Viewing platform at the top of the O2 Arena

Viewing platform at the top of the dome

When you reach the top you'll be standing 52 metres above the ground and have a 360 degree view of Greenwich, Canary Wharf and the Olympic Park.

On a clear day you can see landmarks up to 15 miles away.

Talking photographs on the viewing platform

Frequently asked questions

The minimum age is 8-years-old. You need to stand at least 1.2 metres tall and not weigh more than 130 kg (286 pounds or 21 stone).

Bear in mind that climbs take place in all weather conditions (except gales, lightning, heavy snow or ice), and you won't get a refund if you chicken out. Once the walk has begun you must complete it, as you won't be allowed to walk back down by yourself.

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