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Jeff Wayne’s The War Of The Worlds: Immersive Experience

The War of The Worlds: The Immersive Experience
Where? The Hallmark Building, 56 Leadenhall Street, The City When? 22nd May 2021 to 29th September 2024 2.15 PM to 7 PM (Wed); 12.30 PM to 7 PM (Thu); 12 noon to 7 PM (Fri); 11 AM to 7.15 PM (Sat); 11 AM to 5.15 PM (Sun) Running time? 1 hour 50 mins, with 20 mins interval Price? From £45 Parking: Nearby car parks Buses: 25, 78, 205 Bus fares Trains: The closest station is Aldgate Circle Metropolitan Other nearby stations: Aldgate East, Tower Gateway and Tower Hill Train fares

This multi-award winning show uses a mixture of live actors, movie sets, virtual reality headsets, holographic projections and pyrotechnics to place you at the centre of an interplantary invasion.

The thrilling adventure features 24 extraordinary scenes and is limited to just 12 attendees per performance.

Scene from The War Of The WorldsPhoto:

The Martians are invading London!

As the green eyes of a giant Martian machine hover menacingly over the streets of London you'll be thrown straight into the action alongside the journalist George Herbert, who will help you escape the savage destruction of the Martian forces as they attack the Houses of Parliament, and then flee the smoking ruins of the city by boat.

Scene from The War Of The WorldsPhoto:

But this isn't like watching a movie... because you'll actually be inside the action, living it, seeing it and hearing it through the magic of virtual reality and multi-sensory effects. Everybody will have a chance to interact with the costumed actors but it's entirely up to you how much you get involved.

Cutting-edge technology and special effects

Motion simulators and cutting-edge technology will bring the story to life like never before. Every detail works together to create a thrilling adventure where you'll sense the rumbles and destruction, smell the scents and smoke, and even feel the temperature change!

The 24 scenes are filled with lots of surprises and suspenseful moments, but rest assured it's primarily intended to be a fun experience and most people won't find it too scary.

Jeff Wayne's The War Of The Worlds soundtrack

Jeff Wayne's The War Of The Worlds soundtrack
Jeff Wayne's The War Of The Worlds soundtrack

Jeff Wayne's iconic album The War of The Worlds has been totally reworked and remastered by Jeff himself to fit the immersive setting, and features classic tracks like Forever Autumn and The Eve of the War.

Jeff was heavily involved in every aspect of the show including the script, sets, costumes, lighting, sound design, and even the exclusive merchandise on sale at the end.

The Spirit Of Man Bar & Restaurant

The Spirit Of Man Bar & RestaurantPhoto:
The Spirit Of Man Bar & Restaurant

When the show is over you can enjoy some delicious food and drink in a specially-themed bar and swap stories about what you just witnessed.

The menu includes salads, burgers, pizzas, nachos, sweet treats, and a wide range of beers, wines, spirits, cocktails and champagne.

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