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Seven Sisters station - Train Times, Tube Fares & Stairs

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Seven Sisters station has 5 platforms. It is in Oyster fare zone 3 and connects with the Victoria underground line. It also serves National Rail

London Underground delays at Seven Sisters station

Next train from Seven Sisters station

Tube line closures on the Victoria line

Underground train fares from Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters station is in zone 3 (central London is zone 1)

Train fares from Seven Sisters station
Fare zone Cash Oyster & Contactless cards
Single fare Single fare Daily cap
Peak Off-peak Peak Off-peak
Zone 1-3 fare £6.70 £3.70 £3 £10 £10
Zone 2-3 fare £6.70 £2.10 £1.90 £10 £10
Zone 3 fare £6.70 £1.90 £1.80 £10 £10
Zone 3-4 fare £6.70 £2.10 £1.90 £12.30 £12.30
Zone 3-5 fare £6.70 £2.80 £1.90 £14.60 £14.60
Zone 3-6 fare £6.70 £3 £2 £15.60 £15.60
Zone 3-7 fare £6.70 £3.80 £2.20 £17 £15.60
Zone 3-8 fare £6.70 £4.60 £2.20 £20.10 £15.60
Zone 3-9 fare £6.70 £4.80 £2.20 £22.30 £15.60
Travelcard prices
Fare zone Travelcards (Train, Bus & Tram)
One day travel­card Week travel­card Month travel­card
Anytime Off-peak
Zone 1-4 travelcard £15.90 n/a £61.40 £235.80
Zone 1-6 travelcard £22.60 £15.90 £78 £299
Zone 1-9 travelcard £28.50 £17 £111.30 £427.40
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Note: Ticket costs and daily caps are correct as of

Peak and off-peak journey times

For Oyster and contactless off-peak is outside the hours of 6.30 AM-9.30 AM and 4 PM-7 PM (Mon-Fri). For travelcards off-peak is any time after 9.30 AM (Mon-Fri). Weekends and public holidays are always classed as off-peak. Note: Between the 8th March and 31st May 2024 TFL are running a trial called ‘Off-Peak Friday Fares’, where Fridays will be classed as off-peak all day.

The underground fare is based on what time your journey begins. It doesn’t matter what time your journey ends.

Platform stairs, lifts and escalators at Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters tube station is not wheelchair accessible

Station entrance – The entrance on Seven Sisters Road and the booking hall are on the level, but you must use two flights of stairs from the Broad Lane entrance (20 steps down +11 steps down), or two flights from the Earlsmead Road entrance (19 steps down +12 steps down), or three flights from the West Green Road entrance (2x10 steps down +13 steps down). After that you must use an escalator down to the platforms (or four flights of 3, 2x17, 14 steps) plus one flight of 19 steps down

Station exit – You must use one flight of stairs from the platforms to the booking hall (19 steps up) plus an escalator (or four flights of 3, 2x17, 14 steps). After that you must use two flights of stairs to the Broad Lane exit (11 steps up +20 steps up), or two flights to the Earlsmead Road exit (12 steps up +19 steps up), or three flights to the West Green Road exit (13 steps up +2x10 steps up), but the Seven Sisters Road exit is on the level

Tube journey planner – Timetables, First & Last Train Times

Look up timetables and first and last train times from Seven Sisters to Bank, Charing Cross, Earl’s Court, Euston, King’s Cross, Liverpool Street, London Bridge, Marylebone, Paddington, Victoria, Waterloo or another train station:

Other underground stations that are close to Seven Sisters include Tottenham Hale

Seven Sisters underground station facilities

Seven Sisters Station, Seven Sisters Road, London
0845 330 9877
You can buy train tickets at the manned windows and self-service machines in the National Rail ticket hall, and at the self-service machines in the Underground ticket hall
Cash machines:
There are ATMs at the station
Public toilets:
Baby changing room:
Public payphone:
Passport photo booth:
Vending machine:
Waiting room:
Seven Sisters does not have any storage locker facilities
Onsite car park:
Taxi rank:
Cycle rack:
Bus routes:
41, 67, 76, 149, 230, 243, 259, 279, 318, 349, 474, 476 – Adult bus prices 2024 · Pensioner bus prices 2024 · Children’s bus prices 2024

Your comments and questions

Diana Gibson How long does it take to walk from White Hart Lane to Seven Sisters tube?

Staff Hi Diana, it's about twenty minutes on foot, or you can catch the 149, 249, 279 or 349 bus

wendy Black Coming from Enfield Town main line is there a slope or just stairs to get down to the tube station ?

Staff Hi Wendy. You'll have to use an escalator plus one flight of 19 stairs

Neroli Harris Is the down escalator working to the Victoria Line? It has been out for some time now.

Steve Are the escalators working at seven sisters to seven sisters overground

Staff TFL arent reporting any issues with the escalators today (2nd)

Steve Coming from Enfield Town overground are escalators working going down to the Victoria line

Steve lawton Are escalators working at seven sisters down to the Victoria line

Staff Hi Steve. Like we said above, TFL aren't reporting any issues with the escalators -​overground/​stop/910GSEVNSIS/seven-sisters-rail-station?lineId=london-overground

John Are escalators working at seven sisters underground up to the overground

Staff Hi Steve. The only information we have is what TFL provide us with, and they are not reporting any issues with the escalators. If you'd like to ask TFL directly then you can do so here -​help-and-contact/​

Gemma Are the escalators now working?

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