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Cannon Street ⇄ Edgware Road B Station | Tube Journey, Train Times & Fares

The journey from Cannon Street to Edgware Road (B) is in fare zone 1 and you’ll have to use the District and Bakerloo tube lines, changing trains at Embankment

  1. From Cannon Street take the District Line
  2. Change at Embankment to the Bakerloo Line
  3. Leave the train at Edgware Road

Number of tube stops: 11 · Journey time: Approx 27 mins

Stations on the route: Cannon Street ➜ Mansion House ➜ Blackfriars ➜ Temple ➜ Embankment [change train] Embankment ➜ Charing Cross ➜ Piccadilly Circus ➜ Oxford Circus ➜ Regent’s Park ➜ Baker Street ➜ Marylebone ➜ Edgware Road

London Underground tube delays

Strikes and closures on the District and Bakerloo

First and last train times on the District line

Tube times for the District line

Alternative routes include Cannon Street to Marylebone, Cannon Street to Paddington and Cannon Street to Marble Arch

Stairs, lifts and escalators to the station platforms

Cannon Street train station is not wheelchair accessible

Edgware Road (B) station is not wheelchair accessible

Cannon Street station entrance – The entrance on Dowgate Hill to the booking hall is on the level, but there’s a flight of stairs from the Cannon Street entrance (11 steps down). After that you can use a lift from the booking hall to the westbound platform (or two flights of 10 steps down), but you’ll have to use stairs to the eastbound platform (2x12 steps down)

Changing tube line at Embankment – You must use stairs when changing platforms

Edgware Road (B) station exit – You must use a flight of stairs between the platforms and the booking hall (19 steps up). After that there’s a lift between the booking hall and the exit. If you want to avoid the lift then you can use nine flights of stairs (11 steps up +5 steps up +6x17 steps up +8 steps up)

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Tube fare between Cannon Street and Edgware Road (B)

This tube journey is in Oyster zone 1. The cheapest fare is £2.70 off-peak (£2.80 peak) when you pay by Oyster or contactless. There’s no return fare, you just pay the same as two single tickets

Cost of tube fare from Cannon Street ⇄ Edgware Road B Station | Tube Journey, Train Times & Fares
Fare zone Cash Oyster & Contactless cards
Single fare Single fare Daily cap
Peak Off-peak Peak Off-peak
Zone 1 fare £6.70 £2.80 £2.70 £8.50 £8.50
Travelcard prices from Cannon Street ⇄ Edgware Road B Station | Tube Journey, Train Times & Fares
Fare Zone Travelcards (Train, Bus & Tram)
One day travel­card Week travel­card Month travel­card
Anytime Off-peak
Zone 1-2 travelcard n/a n/a £42.70 £164
Zone 1-4 travelcard £15.90 n/a £61.40 £235.80
Zone 1-6 travelcard £22.60 £15.90 £78 £299
Zone 1-9 travelcard £28.50 £17 £111.30 £427.40
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Note: Tube journey prices are correct as of

Peak and off-peak journey times

For Oyster and contactless off-peak is outside the hours of 6.30 AM-9.30 AM and 4 PM-7 PM (Mon-Fri). For travelcards it’s any time after 9.30 AM (Mon-Fri). Weekends are always classed as off-peak. Note: Between the 8th March and 31st May 2024 TFL are running a trial called ‘Off-Peak Friday Fares’, where Fridays will be classed as off-peak all day.

The fare is based on what time your journey begins. It doesn’t matter what time your journey ends.

Other ways to make this journey

Travel on foot – The stations are about 3½ miles apart. It would take you over 70 minutes to walk that distance

Travel by bus – Single fare: £1.75 (you may need more than one bus); Daily cap: £5.25; Weekly cap: £24.70; 1-day travelcard: £6; Weekly travelcard: £24.70 – Adult bus tickets 2024 · Senior bus tickets 2024 · Child bus tickets 2024

Travel by taxi – A 3½ mile taxi journey between Edgware Road (B) tube station and Cannon Street will take about about 15-28 mins and cost you around £18 to £31

Travel by carCar parks near Cannon Street station and Edgware Road (B)