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AIM Hotel Of Horrors Escape Room Game

AIM Escape's Hotel of Horrors
Where? AIM Escape Rooms, Goodman’s Fields, 8 Canter Way, Whitechapel When? Every day 10 AM to 10 PM Price? Off-peak (before 6 PM Mon-Fri): £30; Peak (after 6 PM Mon-Fri, and all day Sat-Sun): £35 Note: You must be aged 18+ Parking: Nearby car parks Buses: 15, 25, 115, 135, 205, 254 Bus fares Trains: The closest station is Aldgate East District Ham&City Other nearby stations: Aldgate and Tower Gateway Train fares

Welcome to London's scariest escape room! Can you escape the Hotel of Horrors... or will you be stuck there forever.

The problems began when a group of teenagers went into Room 13 with some tarot cards and ouija boards. They must have woken something evil, with a taste for human souls, because ever since that fateful night the guests have started disappearing.

The eccentric owner of the hotel has decided to make one last try at riding it of evil spirits and offered a huge reward to anyone who can frighten off this dark spirit.

You have taken up the challenge and check-out is now just an hour away, but if you can't escape by then you'll have to stay a lot longer... for all eternity!

AIM's Hotel of Horrors is terrifying escape room experience that's not for the faint of heart. Expect plenty of chills, thrills, some blood-curdling screams, and a big twist at the end that will leave you gasping!

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