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Boats & Maritime Museums

There are three big ships to visit in London: the World War II battle cruiser HMS Belfast, the famous Cutty Sark clipper ship in Greenwich, and the replica of Francis Drake’s Golden Hinde by Southwark Cathedral. Or how about taking a boat trip passing under Tower Bridge? City Cruises is the most popular but Thames River Sightseeing is our favourite

★★Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf - One of the city’s big financial hubs situated in the Isle of Dogs, with New York-style skyscrapers and bank headquarters built in the old docklands4

★★Chatham Dockyard

Chatham Dockyard - Take a day-trip to the dockyards and board a cold war submarine, a World War II destroyer, a 19th-century sloop, and see inside a rope factory

★★★City Cruises

City Cruises - These tourist boats run between Westminster Pier (by Big Ben and Parliament) and Greenwich (by the Cutty Sark), going under Tower Bridge4

★★Cutty Sark

Cutty Sark - Cutty Sark was one of the fastest clippers of the 1870s, sailing up to 360 miles a day between London and China. Now she’s docked in Greenwich6

★★Golden Hinde

Golden Hinde - A perfect replica of the Tudor ship in which the Elizabethan pirate Francis Drake made his circumnavigation of the globe between 1577-808

★★★HMS Belfast

HMS Belfast - This cruiser saw action during World War II and played a part in the sinking of the battle cruiser Scharnhorst. It’s now a floating museum6

★★★Jason’s Canal Trip

Jason’s Canal Trip - These gentle barges will take you past the pretty houseboats in Little Venice, the Snowdon Aviary at London Zoo, to the lock in Camden Town16

★★Little Venice

Little Venice - This pretty stretch of water at the junction of Regent’s Canal and Grand Union Canal is home to some picturesque houseboats and cafes6

London Canal Museum

London Canal Museum - Discover the history of the Regent’s Canal, and how they used to transport cargos up and down the busy waterways by horse and barge2

★★Museum of London Docklands

Museum of London Docklands - Discover the history of how the Thames became one of the world’s busiest waterways, and where the docks have gone4

National Maritime Museum

National Maritime Museum - The history of the Royal Navy from the Spanish Armada to World War II, plus the jacket that Nelson wore at Trafalgar3

★★★Old Royal Naval College

Old Royal Naval College - Christopher Wren’s old Seaman’s Hospital was built on the same spot as Greenwich Palace, and has a famous Painted Hall3

★★St Katharine Dock

St. Katharine Dock - Not many people have discovered this calm little oasis behind Tower Bridge, full of restaurants and beautiful boats in gleaming marinas3

★★★Thames Clippers

Thames Clippers - These boats are like a bus service on water, taking you fifteen miles from Putney in the west all the way through central London to the O2 Arena12

Thames Flood Barrier

Thames Barrier - The Thames Barrier at Woolwich was built to protect London from flooding, and has a little museum showing you how the technology works4

★★★Thames River Sightseeing

Thames River Sightseeing - These sightseeing boats go from Big Ben past the Tower of London and Tower Bridge, all the way to Greenwich pier8

Thames Rockets

Thames Rockets - These boats aren’t for the faint-hearted because they bounce along the choppy Thames at 35mph – but it seems more like 350mph!