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Alcotraz Prison Cocktail Bar – Immersive pub experience

Alcotraz Prison Cocktail Bar
Where? Rosewood Building, Unit 3B, 127 Hackney Road, Hoxton When? 2nd July to 29th December 2024 6.35 PM to 8.50 PM (Tue-Thu); 4.10 PM to 11.15 PM (Fri); 11.30 AM to 11.15 PM (Sat); 12 noon to 10.45 PM (Sun) Running time? 1 hour 45 mins Price? £46.32 You must be aged 18+ with valid ID Buses: 26, 55 Bus fares Trains: Hoxton Train fares

Welcome to the Alcotraz Penitentiary - a bar behind bars - an immersive drinking experience where the inmates are your bartenders and the guards are more corrupt than the prisoners!

Prison cells inside the Alcotraz Prison Cocktail BarPhoto:
Prison cells inside the Alcotraz Prison Cocktail Bar

When you arrive you'll be dressed in an orange jumpsuit and sentenced to 1 hour 45 mins in Cell Block Two-One-Two. You'll then become part of an exciting story in an atmospheric prison world.

Dress up in your own orange jumpsuit outfitPhoto:
Dress up in your own orange jumpsuit outfit

Create cocktails from smuggled booze

Alcohol is the only thing that makes your time inside a little more bearable, so you'll to smuggle in some of your own booze beforehand (which you'll have to provide yourself).

Drinking the prison-themed cocktailsPhoto:
Drinking the prison-themed cocktails

The prison inmates will then supply you with four covert cocktails using the mixers, fruit juices and syrups that they've hidden in their cells. Hopefully you'll have smuggled in their tipple of choice - vodka, gin, rum, tequila or whisky - because it's best to stay on their good side!

Inside the Alcotraz Prison Cocktail BarPhoto:

Be part of the immersive prison story

Whilst all of this is happening a theatrical story will unfold all around you, where you'll come face-to-face with Clyde Cassidy's notorious bootlegging gang.

Inside the Alcotraz Prison Cocktail BarPhoto:

You'll be encouraged to be as clever and creative as possible in your attempts to hide your liquor, and if you manage to meet one of the crooked guards then maybe they'll share some ingenious ways of hiding your contraband.

Inside the Alcotraz Prison Cocktail BarPhoto:

If Cassidy recognises your skills then maybe you'll get to meet him and discover the details of his secret operation. But be careful because his gang runs a tight operation and there's absolutely no room for rats... so make sure the warden doesn't catch you!

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